‘Eating While Broke’ invites self-made celebs, entrepreneurs, and more to recreate their fave ‘starving artist’ meals

Society & Culture February 2, 2022
Eating While Broke
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Coline Witt is chatting with guests who got crafty with food choices while broke or on a tight budget. Each episode, celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs and more self-made stars will share and recreate what they ate when struggling, eat the entrée on the podcast, and describe their experiences with the food. Aside from hearing about favorite low-cost meals from guests’ starving artist years, they’ll spill memories, details about their lives, and more.

Start “Eating While Broke” in any order, since episodes are guest-specific. Episodes run under 40 minutes long so far.

Comedian and Wild N’ Out creator Rip Micheals stopped by the podcast for a spam taco tutorial and candidly talked about his life and continuous goals in comedy and entertainment. Rip also recommended eating spam directly from the can, or to heat some up in the microwave if you’re in a rush and do not have time or extra ingredients for tacos. He talked about starting comedy as a teen, fatherhood, his journey from homelessness in NYC to passing out flyers for shows and other gigs while working on comedy. His time in New York led to MTV’s Wild N’ Out, working on Centric’s According2Him&Her, “Cheapin it Real,” and more. Rip has a degree in finance and shared how he managed his debt and created a tour.

Rip also shared his struggles with diabetes and why he was inspired to lose weight. After attending Six Flags with his daughter, he could not fit on rides and realized he needed to take action. By the next year, he lost weight and was able to go on rollercoasters with his daughter.

In another episode, The Circle’s James Andre Jefferson Jr. keeps it real and once ate ramen, oysters, and sipped the juice – a snack that keeps you thirsty. James hilariously described eating oysters as “the pig intestine of the sea” and “a pregnant white woman snack.”

Listeners can watch video versions of the episodes on the “Eating While Broke” website. This podcast is presented by The Black Effect Network and iHeartPodcasts. Stream new, weekly episodes wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Eating While Broke’

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