7 eco-friendly podcasts all about being sustainable for Mother Earth

Science August 30, 2021

Earth is an awe-inspiring place that we’re lucky to call our home. From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans filled with foam, our planet a never-ending source of wonder. If you’re in need of a vacation but not leaving town anytime soon, podcasts like “The Wild with Chris Morgan” will take you on an unexpected trip from the comfort of your speakers. Throw on a podcast like “BBC Earth” to hear about the natural world accompanied with sound bites from the wild. Or if you’re interested in learning about climate change and what part you can play in terms of becoming more eco-friendly, you might want to check out “For What It’s Earth.”

We’re honoring the planet with this list of podcasts we’ve selected. We’ll hear from research scientists and modern day explorers taking us on adventures to the farthest reaches of the globe.

BBC Earth Podcast

Listen to ‘BBC Earth Podcast’

BBC Earth presents its podcast to showcase true and beautiful stories of nature, wildlife, and science. The episodes allow us to virtually join a lioness pride, hear singing desert rocks, learn about animals that can dance on-beat, and find rare animals. Peaceful nature sound clips are filtered through each episode to add to the show’s ambiance.

Planet & the People

Listen to ‘Planet & the People’

“Planet & the People” is by the actor Tom Ward-Thomas. The podcast discusses climate change and things we can do to make our planet a better place to live. Tom speaks with experts to explore the extent of human’s impact on Earth. The show recently wrapped up its last season.

How to Save a Planet

Listen to ‘How to Save a Planet’

Journalist Alex Blumberg and scientist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson report on what humans need to do to tackle the climate crisis. In this Gimlet podcast, listeners will increase their awareness of major environmental problems. Recent episode discussed wildfires, recycling, and electric cars. The hosts are joined by special guests like Dr. Jane Goodall to unpack major topics.

Roaring Earth

Listen to ‘Roaring Earth’

“Roaring Earth” spotlights the wonders of nature. Episodes speak with scientists and journalists to trek around the world, delving into wildlife and facts about the planet. We’ll hear about cute creatures like otters, natural disasters like firenadoes, and how python hunters can help preserve the ecosystem.

The Climate Question

Listen to ‘The Climate Question’

BBC’s “The Climate Question” studies an important query each week. How do extreme temperatures impact the globe? Can football help the climate crisis? Is ‘dimming the sun’ a viable option? Weekly episodes will investigate such issues, and more, by sharing research.

For What It’s Earth

Listen to ‘What on Earth?’

Emma Brisdion and Lloyd Hopkins host their monthly podcast to discuss sustainability, the environment, and climate change. Everything pertaining to the environment is fair game. From plastics to palm oil, cryptocurrency to cosmetics, episodes also take a look at what you can do to make a difference.

The Wild with Chris Morgan

Listen to ‘The Wild with Chris Morgan’

From KUOW News and Information comes “The Wild with Chris Morgan.” Chris takes listeners through his globetrotting adventures in the natural world and also journeys around the Pacific Northwest. Chris shares stories from people who work the wild and do their best to protect it. On some of his journeys, Chris gets followed by wolves, follows orangutans, and speaks about bears and diversity.

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