Fast facts and fun findings: 8 podcasts to stream on your spring break trip when the group can’t decide what to put on next

Education March 18, 2022

We’ve selected some educational podcasts to stream on your spring break trip if you’re looking to refuel your brain while traveling. Tune into fascinating shows like “TED Talks Daily” and “Radiolab” with episodes on science, history, and more. There is a show answering listeners’ burning questions called “How To!” For sustainable conversations on homesteading and learning tips like how to grow your own food, check out “Old Fashioned On Purpose.”

On our list, we’ve included a language learning podcast for word nerds and two podcasts running the gamut of fascinating topics with standalone episodes. Happy listening!

Old Fashioned On Purpose

Listen to ‘Old Fashioned On Purpose’

Jill Winger’s “Old Fashioned On Purpose” shares stories from people returning to simpler times when growing and making your own stuff was the norm. Jill is a homesteader and best-selling author who shares tips for people looking to branch out into old fashioned lifestyles. In over 240 episodes, learn about cultivating community, the science of sourdough, grass-fed milk, growing vegetables, tips on starting your own business, and more.

TED Talks Daily podcast art

TED Talks Daily

Listen to ‘TED Talks Daily’

TED Audio Collective presents “TED Talks Daily,” hosted by journalist Elise Hu. Hear insightful episodes with guests on an assortment of topics such as artificial intelligence, zoology, the Russia-Ukraine war, gender equity, and more in daily episodes.

Spectacular Vernacular podcast art

Spectacular Vernacular

Listen to ‘Spectacular Vernacular’

Slate Podcasts’ “Spectacular Vernacular” is a language learning podcast hosted by linguist Nicole Holliday and Wall Street Journal‘s language columnist Ben Zimmer. In semimonthly episodes, hear episodes on dialects vs. languages, new Siri voices, Wordle, and more. The hosts are often joined by guests like Everdeen Mason, editorial director for games at the New York Times to answer questions and share facts about language. Episodes run under 40 minutes long on average.

Hidden Brain podcast art

Hidden Brain

Listen to ‘Hidden Brain’

“Hidden Brain” dives into science, patterns, human behavior, and communication with weekly stories. Host Shankar Vedantam speaks with guests like psychologists, magicians, economists, and more for illuminating conversations. Start the series from any of its 380 episodes released since 2015 on topics like mixed emotions, contradictions, group-think, coincidences, stage fright, and working from home – just to name a few.

How To! podcast art

How To!

Listen to ‘How To!’

Amanda Ripley shares solutions on episodes of Slate Podcasts’ “How To!” Amanda chats with experts to answer listeners’ burning questions under 45 minutes in each topical episode. Since 2019, the series has released over 140 episodes on questions like overcoming a bug phobia, how to beat hackers, making friends as an adult, and harnessing humor as a superpower.

Stuff You Should Know podcast art

Stuff You Should Know

Listen to ‘Stuff You Should Know’

iHeartPodcasts’ “Stuff You Should Know” covers an excellent variety of topics in over 1,500 episodes hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant. Hear episodes on just about everything under the sun including true crime, LSD, chaos theory, science, Rosa Parks, the Stonewall Uprising, and more. They recently re-released an episode on the history of punk rock. If you’re looking for bite-sized episodes, check out their “Short Stuff” episodes under 30 minutes on average.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast art

Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Listen to ‘Stuff To Blow Your Mind’

Similar to “Stuff You Should Know,” “Stuff To Blow Your Mind” examines a different topic each episode. Hosts Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick delve into neurological quandaries, cosmic mysteries, evolutionary wonders, and transhuman technology in over 1,700 episodes under 90 minutes on average. For short episodes in less than 10 minutes, tune into “The Monstrefact” and “The Artifact” episodes on characters and fascinating objects.

Radiolab podcast art


Listen to ‘Radiolab’

WNYC Studios presents “Radiolab,” an investigative podcast hosted by Jad Abumrad, Lulu Miller, and Latif Nasser. Hear curious episodes on science, history, and more in over 140 episodes. Recent topics included wordlessness, “The Helen Keller Exorcism,” cyber criminals, forests, and speed.

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