The verdict is in: Elizabeth Holmes’ trial comes to an end on ‘The Dropout’

News January 5, 2022
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Rebecca Jarvis knows more about Elizabeth Holmes and her fraud-riddled company Theranos than nearly anyone else. Since 2019, she has been following Holmes’ case and doing her own investigating into the woman who was once deemed “The Next Steve Jobs.” Now, three years after being charged with 11 counts of fraud, we have a verdict.

In this culminating episode of “The Dropout,” the ABC News chief correspondent takes us through the end of Holmes’ trial. After one week and over 50 hours of deliberation, the members of the jury found Holmes guilty on four of the 11 federal charges against her. That number may seem low, but of the other seven charges, the jury was hung on three.

In this episode, you’ll hear descriptions of the courtroom atmosphere from the people who were there. Even as the verdict was read aloud, with Holmes being found guilty on the very first count, the Holmes family, her mother, father, and husband, remained stock-still, adding to the intrigue around this strange story.

Jarvis speaks with legal professionals who answer our questions that still remain. Does a mixed verdict undermine the overarching guilty verdict of the case? How did the jury members reach their conclusion? How did they manage to not reach a conclusion on some counts? What’s next for Holmes?

Speaking with jury members, Jarvis finds out that they never expected the trial to last so long. We hear how they ranked witnesses’ credibility, with Holmes unsurprisingly sitting fairly low on that scale. Her emotional defense did not impress the jury, which has become notable considering Holmes’ frequent bombshells on the stand that made this case even more sensationalized.

But, the big news is that Elizabeth Holmes is going to jail – expectedly, for a long time. “The Dropout” answers more of our questions about this aspect of the trial. How will her sentencing be affected by the jury’s verdict? How will the appeal process work?

Finally, this episode answers one final question that no doubt has been churning in the minds of Silicon Valley for over half a decade: what will the ripple effects be? What has Elizabeth Holmes done to Silicon Valley?

Listen in to this episode of “The Dropout” to hear the whole story of the final verdict in U.S. v. Holmes, et al.

Listen to ‘The Verdict’

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