BFFs Ellyn Marsh and Joey Taranto dive into the campy side of true crime TV shows on ‘I Think Not!’

True Crime January 18, 2023
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From Obsessed Network comes the true crime series, “I Think Not!” Join best friends and co-hosts Ellyn Marsh and Joey Taranto as they bring listeners through scams, murders, police problems, tax evasion, and more in the world of true crime TV. This series is for fans of this podcast’s former iteration, “Obsessed with Disappeared,” when diving into true stories and the campy side of true crime television.

Since 2020, the feed has garnered 140 episodes that can be streamed in any order. Running less than an hour on average, there are episodes covering missing persons, mysterious deaths, psychotic behavior, and more crimes. One of the podcast’s former hosts, Patrick Hinds, joined a recent episode to celebrate the show’s rebrand. Over 100 of “Obsessed with Disappeared’s” past episodes still live in the RSS feed if you’d like to dig into that podcast’s archive.

A recent “I Think Not!” episode unpacked 23-year-old Brandi Wells’ disappearance after hitting a nightclub in Tyler, Texas. After five days, investigators connected her disappearance to an abandoned vehicle by the highway, and they raced to find more clues.

Another episode covered a story from “I Dated a Psycho,” a series of unfortunate events. A woman was thrown in danger when trying to find love in Las Vegas. There were manipulation, lies, and dangerous activity as the hosts detailed on this episode. Hear about a former couple, the people they dated, and what turned into a threatening situation. Also in this episode, hear what happened when a man dreamed of romance with an NFL cheerleader, and then came the death threats.

Marsh additionally hosts the podcast “Rabia and Ellyn Solve the Case.” Taranto starred in the 2022 film, Bros.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “I Think Not!” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘I Think Not!’

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