Julia Fox, Alex Cooper, and more guests join Emily Ratajkowski on ‘High Low with EmRata’

Society & Culture November 14, 2022
High Low with EmRata
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Actress, model, and author Emily Ratajkowski recently launched her podcast, “High Low with EmRata.” In this series, she’s diving into everything high and low brow in conversations about politics, pop culture, philosophy, feminism, relationship, sex, and more. Emily is joined by authors, celebrities, friends, and people she admires and hopes listeners will join the dialogue while having fun.

Tune in Tuesdays for each weekly guest appearance. On the week’s second episode, Emily shares news, what’s on her mind, personal anecdotes, opinions, and poses fascinating questions. The third weekly episode is exclusive to subscribers and welcomes listeners to partake in the show. Emily combs through your comments, shares submitted voice notes, responds to your DMs, and invites y’all to join the discussion.

Stream the episodes in any order that run less than an hour on average. For more background on the series, start from the first episode. Emily’s first guest was best friend Barbara, and they discussed whether or not people should have sex on the first date. 

“Call Her Daddy” podcast host Alex Cooper stopped by one of the first episodes to discuss Alex’s image evolution, her relationship with sex, and how she addresses politics. In a recent conversation with it-girl Julia Fox, she and Emily discussed “motherhood, money, men, and masterpieces.” Julia shared about her dominatrix past, her current outlook on sex, and much more.

On a thought-provoking episode, Emily examined the ethics of taping other people, including strangers, in public on your personal devices and explored the pros and cons when this sort of surveillance is commonplace nowadays. Emily’s lawyer, Ellie Heisler, joined the episode to share if the law has responded to this in any way.

To learn more about Emily, read her New York Times best-selling book titled My Body. “High Low with EmRata” is produced by Sony Music Entertainment, Somethin’ Else, and Bitch Era Media. Tune in weekly wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘High Low with EmRata’

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