6 episodes of Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘The goop Podcast’ to keep you in the wellness loop

Health & Fitness September 16, 2021

From Goop, Inc. and Audacy’s Cadence13 comes “The goop Podcast.” Goop CEO/founder Gwyneth Paltrow and collaborator Erica Chidi, CEO and cofounder of LOOM alternate hosting duties in episodes. In earlier episodes, host Elise Loehnen also interviewed guests.

Since 2018, The goop Podcast has been sharing insight, health tips, and life advice in the hopes of sparking curiosity. The podcast features a great lineup of guests: thinkers, creatives, culture makers, doctors, healers, and entrepreneurs. Circulating around the topics of self-improvement, wellness, and inspiration, Gwyneth and Erica also stick to Goop’s goal of reaching listeners who aspire to be their best. The podcast emphasizes how asking questions and listening is a way to change the world.

Gwyneth often creates ask me anything (AMA) episodes to focus on listeners’ questions. In a recent AMA, Gwyneth speaks about breaking her diet while traveling and feeling happier than ever about her choices. She shares her first concert memories, provides dating advice for millennials, and speaks about her kids.

With over 300 great episodes to choose from, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

Gwyneth Paltrow x Oprah

Listen to Oprah on ‘The goop Podcast’

In 2018, Oprah appeared on “The goop Podcast” to speak about perception, power, and soul purpose. Oprah spoke about her time on TV and what revelatory “Aha” moments mean to her. Oprah finds hope in life and is always looking for new ways to connect with everyone because she believes we are fundamentally all the same.

For example, when we go to a movie and the audience starts crying from the same scene, this is an “Aha” moment. It’s a vibrational frequency that kicks in and influences us as a group. She discusses staying true to herself and the power of saying “no.” Oprah loves to speak about the principle of intention and how “the culture of enough” is okay!

In this episode, Oprah also shares her thoughts on the #MeToo movement.

Why it’s normal to dislike exercise

Listen to ‘Why it’s normal to dislike exercise’ on ‘The goop Podcast’

Daniel Lieberman unpacks the science and history behind humans’ natural aversion to exercise. As a human evolutionary biology professor at Harvard University, Daniel studies activity and exercise. He recently wrote the book, Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding. Our instinct to avoid exercise is normal. Daniel speaks about our ancestors and how humans evolved to become physically active when it’s necessary and if there’s a reward at the finish line.

Daniel says we have to be more compassionate to ourselves if we do not feel like exercising more. He also explains the correlation between exercise and diet. Workout regimens aren’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Daniel wants everyone to find out what works for them and determine what the goals are.

How food affects our mood

Listen to ‘How food affects our mood’ on ‘The goop Podcast’

Host Elise speaks with Uma Naidoo, a mood-food expert. She practices nutritional and integrative psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. The Harvard alum combines her science-based knowledge and culinary expertise to help clients eat better. Uma shares ingredients and foods that trigger certain emotions, such as anxiety. She spoke about reducing body inflammation with fruits and vegetables, which also impacts mood. When removing foods, Uma recommends eliminating anything processed and food with added sugar. Uma wants people to pay attention to more nutrient-dense foods, and how they feel afterwards. Elise shares that her husband cut out gluten, and since then, he has become less irritable.

Uma gives the example of tryptophan foods, and how they work best in the body when paired with carbs. She speaks about timing when eating, and enjoys the Mediterranean lifestyle diet, which she thinks is useful because it gives people guidelines.

If you have kids, Uma shares how they can discover better eating habits.

Gwyneth x Dax Shepard

Listen to Gwyneth x Dax Shepard on ‘The goop Podcast’

Dax Shepard has become a fan-favorite in podcast land with his show, “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.” He spoke with Gwyneth about all kinds of topics, including his personal life. He shared about his marriage, relationship challenges, and intimacy. Gwyneth and Dax spoke about their experiences raising kids, making mistakes in life, what they’ve learned, and staying vulnerable while knowing what your triggers are.

Dax also expressed his love for dancing and singing in the car, although his wife, Kristen Bell, is convinced he’s tone-deaf. Dax is a huge Coldplay fan. Gwyneth spoke about how one night after dinner, her ex, Chris Martin from Coldplay, sat down at the piano and wrote “Paradise” in around 4 minutes. Dax loves that song.

Dax and Gwyneth spoke about what damages and boosts self-esteem, and how he uses this in parenting his daughters.

How to minimize stress and avoid burnout

Listen to ‘How to minimize stress and avoid burnout’ on ‘The goop Podcast’

Emily Nagoski believes that wellness is taking action. Emily began her career as a sex educator, then earned an MS in counseling, and a PhD in health behavior. In her book, Burnout, stress levels and wellbeing are discussed. She explains stress as a cycle. You have to complete the cycle in order to overcome it. Emily recommends evidence-based strategies such as physical activities and affection. She says a 20-second hug will do the trick! She speaks about internal and external stress factors and how women and men experience stress differently.

Gwyneth Paltrow x Pharrell Williams

Listen to Pharrell Williams on ‘The goop Podcast’

This episode discusses the question: Where can an open mind take you? Gwyneth admires Pharrell’s perspectives. Pharrell says their conversations, even at dinner parties, get quite deep and engage the whole table, because they’re curious and insightful. Gwyneth and Pharrell enjoy skipping small talk, and dive into topics about what matters most.

Pharrell spoke about the Black Lives Matter moment and how during the marches, he’s seeing more advocacy and allies than ever. This felt different to him, and he shares his thoughts for the future. Pharrell said, “I love my nation because of its progression, but I’m really in love with its untapped potential.”

He also spoke about creativity and how grateful he is for the power of music. Pharrell puts together an impromptu playlist of endorphin-boosting songs mid-episode. When asked when he knows whether the songs he writes are for him or another artist, he feels as if his better songs were always meant for someone else. “Happy” was originally written for Cee-Lo Green, and he wrote “Front” with Prince in mind. And some material from Justin Timberlake’s first album was originally for Michael Jackson.

Pharrell’s new projects include a skincare line called Human Race. He’s proud of his program, Black Ambition, that invests in Black and Latinx students and entrepreneurs. Besides funding Pharrell is also looking forward to mentoring and guiding new generations toward reaching their goals.

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