A murder in the House of Gucci: ‘Even The Rich’ goes beyond Lady Gaga’s new film

True Crime November 29, 2021
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House of Gucci doesn’t need to end with House of Gucci. Well, what we mean is that “Even The Rich” can’t escape the evils that come with the glitz and glamor of their salacious lifestyles. The Wondery podcast pulls back the curtain on some of the greatest family dynasties in history, from the Royal Family to the Kennedys to the Carters. And now, just like all of us, they are hopping on the Gucci train.

With over 100 episodes, “Even The Rich” is ready to focus on the craziness of other people’s lives rather than our own. Most of the 45 minute-long episodes are not stand alone stories, often part of a 3- to 5-chapter series about certain families, scandals, and legends.

Our hosts, Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore-WIlliams, have taken us through the dramas of the British Royals, from Diana to Meghan. From the public’s adoration of the Princess of Wales, to her divorce from Charles, to her shocking death, leading all the way to Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s step back from the throne.

Then there’s the Murdochs, the media tycoon dynasty that inspired HBO’s Succession. But the real story of Rupert and his clan is even more salacious than the HBO hit, from phone-hacking to affairs to billions and billions and billions of dollars of inheritance. And all of this has led to a vicious division in the family about just who will take over the empire.

“Even The Rich” covers the Kennedy cover-up in Chappaquiddick and JFK Jr.’s marriage to Carolyn Bessette just before they were killed in a tragic plane crash. There’s talk of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, and Mariah Carey. There’s emancipations, conservatorships and many doomed relationships.

Now, “Even The Rich” could not be more prepared to talk about the murder in the House of Gucci. Maurizio Gucci went from awkward and overlooked grandson of founder Guccio Gucci to chairman of the luxurious high fashion empire. On March 27, 1995, the 46-year-old businessman was shot and killed on the steps outside his office. It took two years for police to find out who did it, making the crime of the century even more astonishing when they finally found out who hired the hitman.

So, whether you’re reading this before or after you’ve seen Adam Driver and Lady Gaga redefine cinema, be sure to hear even more on “Even The Rich.”

Listen to ‘Even the Rich’

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