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Society & Culture August 12, 2021
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“r/Slash” banks in on Reddit’s treasure trove of random information. People log on to Reddit to share news, learn, build communities, and have discussions. It’s also a gold mine for the absurd and hilarious. There are subreddit topics organizing the site. “r/Slash” picks some of the most shareable ones and reads them emphatically in different voices. The host reads the best comments following the daily Reddit posts and the original poster (OP)’s replies.

r/Slash is the alternate name for the podcast’s creator and host, Dabney M. Bailey. He was a Twitch gaming streamer for years and then moved to YouTube.

A favorite topic read is the subreddit r/MaliciousCompliance. This topic is where people share stories about finding loopholes in the rules, abiding by them, and stretching the parameters. In a recent episode, r/Slash reads a posting about a traveler flying who prides themself in staying within the bag weight limit. When the bag is weighed and it’s .05 kg overweight, the desk attendant tells the traveler to pay 50 Euros for the overweight bag. The traveler scoffs about the fee since it’s only over by a smidge. Remembering chocolate was packed earlier in the day, the traveler opens the luggage, eats one-fourth of the chocolate bar, and reweighs the bag. It’s at the weight limit and the traveler boards the flight. r/Slash remarks on the hilarity of this concept, since the traveler just ate .05 kg of chocolate, so that extra weight is on the plane anyway.

r/Slash’s frequently-read category is r/Entitledparents where parents make questionable decisions and break rules for their kids.

Some of r/Slash’s other favorite categories are r/Prorevenge, r/Askreddit, r/AmItheA**hole, and r/Choosingbeggars. r/Choosingbeggars is about grubbers who are picky! Someone reported accidentally walked onto a crime scene.

New episodes are released every day.

Listen to ‘r/Slash’

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