Calling all rom-com lovers: fall head over heels for the fictional comedy series ‘Meet Cute’

Fiction January 28, 2022
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“Meet Cute” is an original, romantic comedy series, sharing fiction stories across multi-part episodes. The new, weekly episodes are lighthearted pick-me-ups, perfect to stream for Valentine’s Day or anytime you’re in the mood for audio rom-coms.

Start mini-series like “Zoom Zoom,” “Hot Potato,” “Music Festival,” “Along Love,” and more from part 1 to their final episodes. Each episode is 15 minutes long, and the podcast has released stories in over 250 episodes since 2019.

There’s a slew of voice actors you might recognize throughout the series. In the “Sidewalk Confidential” episode arc, while on the trail of a criminal in NYC, a detective meets a journalist. At first, they’re unsure if they can work together on the case, then fall for each others’ charm. But will this interfere with their work? You’ll hear Jackie Cruz from Orange Is The New Black in this series.

Dancer, actress, singer, and songwriter Julianne Hough starred in “Taking Space,” where characters Anya and Varun meet and realize that love can be out of this world. Julianne also starred in “Transformation,” where Jennifer learns about self-love leading to loving others and expanding her community.

Lisa Loeb played the title character in “Fairy Godmother,” where character Noah finds that love is actually at home. Shark Tank‘s Daymond John appeared in “The Coffee Shop,” part 1, following Marc’s delivery to Stephen’s café, and they spill the beans.

In storylines like “Un-Friend Zone,” Lauren falls for a woman, but are they meant to date? “Meet Cute” adapts IRL love stories like “Left on Read” that unfolds when Maria does not reply to Alex’s Twitter DM by accident. The popular “Ain’t Love Super” storyline released two seasons and introduced listeners to a superhero love story filled with heroes and villains meeting and perhaps matching.

Meet Cute is presenting a new series on January 28 called “The Rom-Com Room.” Hosts and rom-com fanatics Kendra Okereke and Mercedes Gonzales Bazan will chat about their favorite movies, ones they love to hate, crushes, and more. They’ll even share heartfelt advice, and invite listeners to reclaim rom-com instead of referring to the genre’s films as “guilty pleasures.”

Tune into Audacy’s Meet Cute Radio to listen to some of these heartfelt love stories dotted with some of your favorite love songs – the perfect Valentine’s Day listen!

This podcast is brought to you by Meet Cute. Tune into “Meet Cute” for new, weekly episodes.

Listen to ‘Meet Cute’

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