History, love stories, and more: 8 podcasts and episodes perfect for Valentine’s Day

round up February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve rounded up several Valentine’s Day-themed podcasts and episodes to celebrate the day. Tune into two shows sharing true stories exploring all kinds of love. One short episode delves into the history of Valentine’s Day and shares traditions dating back to Victorian times. There’s an interesting TED Talk with guests like psychologist and podcaster Esther Perel, answering questions on love, connections, and relationships.

For rom-com fanatics, check out the fictional rom-com series “Meet Cute.” A new podcast on our list is perfect for rom-com movie fanatics. Listen to modern daters meeting their match (maybe) on “This is Dating.”

Scroll through to check out our Valentine’s Day listening guide:

This is Love

This is Love

Listen to ‘This is Love’

Vox Media Podcast Network’s “This is Love” runs the gamut of love-themed stories. Whether it’s platonic love, love of a hobby, love for a pet, life partnership, or heartbreak, host Phoebe Judge will share stories that might make you break out the box of tissues. Hear intricate and true stories of vulnerability, authenticity, and emotions from a different storyteller each month. “This is Love” is created by the same folks from the hit series “Criminal” and has released over 40 episodes, each running 35 minutes on average.

Modern Love

Modern Love

Listen to ‘Modern Love’

Modern Love” is based on The New York Times’ long-standing column by the same name, sharing true stories of “love, loss, and redemption.” Episodes unpack instantaneous connections, friendships transcending age gaps, long distance situationships, catfishing, and more. Check out over 260 episodes, all under 30 minutes each.

This is Dating

This is Dating

Listen to ‘This is Dating’

Be a fly on the wall when listening in to four modern daters navigating connections, cringe-worthy moments, and moving beyond awkward first dates on “This is Dating.” This podcast chose four singles who felt stuck in their dating lives and needed a boost outside swiping on apps. With the help of coaches, the singles are matched, they meet, and answer ice breaker questions and prompts sent to them during their dates. The series has released over 7 episodes under 45 minutes each.

The Moth

The Moth

Listen to ‘The Love Hurts SLAM’ on ‘The Moth’

“The Moth” hosts an annual, themed “Love Hurts SLAM.” Last year, storytellers Andrew Brown, Joshua Arnold, Daisy Rosario, Gary Sizer, and Antoinette Thorne took the mic. They shared unexpected stories of chosen family members, love lost, love found, and unwillingly taking the spotlight. This 53-minute episode is hosted by “The Moth” Senior Director Jenifer Hixson.

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Rom-Coms

Listen to ‘Meet Cute Rom-Coms’

“Meet Cute Rom-Coms” is a fictional, romantic comedy series sharing multi-episode narratives every week. The stories are lighthearted pick-me-ups, featuring different voice actors including actress/singer Julianne Hough and Orange is the New Black’s Jackie Cruz. Stream the storylines from part 1, and all episodes are 15 minutes long. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we also recommend Audacy’s Meet Cute Radio, featuring stories from the podcast along with love songs.

The Rom Com Room podcast cover art

The Rom-Com Room

Listen to ‘The Rom-Com Room’

From Meet Cute comes “The Rom-Com Room,” hosted by rom-com super-fans Kendra Okereke and Mercedes Gonzales Bazan. They want listeners to reclaim their love of the rom-com genre instead of embarrassingly calling fave films “guilty pleasures.” Kendra and Mercedes will chat about their favorite movies, crushes, films they love to hate, and more. In weekly episodes averaging 40 minutes long, they’ll share heartfelt advice and invite listeners to write into the show to share what’s on their mind.

TED Radio Hour

TED Radio Hour

Listen to ‘How We Love’ on ‘TED Radio Hour’

This 53-minute episode of “TED Radio Hour” originally premiered on April 25, 2014, but its content is still relevant in 2022. “How We Love” answers questions on why love is essential, instinctual, and why certain people are brought together. On this episode, “TED Radio Hour” heard from a variety of speakers on relationships and connection. Tune in to hear from psychotherapist (and podcaster) Esther Perel, authors Amy Webb and Jeff Kluger, anthropologist Helen Fisher, and CEO Angela Patton.

Western Civ

Western Civ

Listen to ‘The History of Valentine’s Day’ on ‘Western Civ’

The Hallmark card kind of Valentine’s Day we know wasn’t always rosy or flower-filled. This episode of “Western Civ,” presented by Adam Walsh, shares the holiday’s history, walks listeners through the ancient (and some unpleasant) traditions, medieval history, and Victorian origins. You’ll hear how some of these traditions evolved over time in this 13-minute episode.

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