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Business March 4, 2023
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“Morning Brew Daily” gets listeners up to speed on business, world news, and what’s happening in the economy. Join Neal Freyman and Toby Howell in as they bring their witty approach to inform listeners in daily episodes.

Since 2019, the series has been releasing episodes that run less than 25 minutes on average. Start at the most recent episode for current events and news.

Recent episodes covered how SCOTUS could change the internet, if a four-day would work, and if ChatGPT can write books. In another episode, they discussed the film Cocaine Bear, Putin’s nuclear announcement, Biden’s Kyiv trip, social media pay-to play, and why Meta is hopping on paid verifications like Twitter.

Freyman and Howell talked about Ozempic, the diabetic drug being used by dieters, and its shortage. They remarked on extreme weather, like blizzard warnings in LA and insane heat in DC. They discussed Spotify’s AI DJ, what beer Bill Gates is investing $900 million in, and why the Mormon Church is getting fined by the SEC.

The hosts broke down the report that COVID-19 might have come from a lab leak in China. They explained Warren Buffett’s annual shareholder letter release from the weekend and Elon Musk’s Twitter layoffs. In February, there were conversations about the Supreme Court hearing arguments with Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness plan, why Americans are choosing part-time work in light of rising burnout, and what changes we can expect in the Disney District.

In March, Freyman and Howell dove into TikTok’s new time limit for teens, Tesla’s Investor Day and Elon Musk’s plan, the canned cocktail industry, and why Eli Lilly is decreasing insulin prices. Hear about Biden’s plan for chipmakers, why Goldman Sachs’ CEO might be in trouble, why vapes’ prices could soon cost more, and how a lunar timezone might be necessary.

Video versions of “Morning Brew Daily” are posted on YouTube. Tune in everyday for new audio episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Morning Brew Daily’

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