#FinancialFreedom: 5 podcasts tackling crypto, budgeting, meme stocks, your money questions and more

Business July 6, 2022

If you’re checking in on your spending this summer and want to hear advice from pros like certified financial planners, tune into these finance podcasts. Hear tips on debt management, student loans, purchasing homes, and budgeting strategies.

There are podcast episodes for traveling more frugally this summer, inflation, and stock market updates. Some episodes dive into cryptocurrency, trending meme stocks, investments, and other opportunities. A podcast from TED Audio Collective chats with previous speakers and more guests to share life hacks on becoming a better human.

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Jill on Money podcast art

Jill on Money

Listen to ‘Jill on Money’

Certified financial planner Jill Schlesinger is answering your burning finance questions in daily episodes. No matter how uncomfortable or controversial the questions might seem, Jill is tackling them all, chatting with informative guests, and taking listeners’ calls. Tune in for actionable advice and engaging money-based conversations. If you’re traveling this summer, check out Jill’s frugal travel tips shared over 2 episodes. “Jill on Money” is presented by Cadence13.

Life Kit Money podcast art

Life Kit: Money

Listen to ‘Life Kit: Money’

Life Kit: Money” shares tips for you to fully control your money. From saving money on car maintenance to student loans to paying off debt and home ownership, NPR’s series is ready to help with advice. Check out over 60 episodes on topics like tax refunds, tips to stop stress-spending, ethical investing, and financial advice for artists – just to name a few topics.

Budget Nerds podcast art

Budget Nerds

Listen to ‘Budget Nerds’

“Budget Nerds” is a weekly podcast hosted by personal finance experts Ben Barlowe and Ernie Reppe. Tune in for budgeting tips, strategies for cataloging transactions, and lessons from Ben and Ernie’s budgeting system called You Need a Budget. Recent episodes talked about houses, dining out, trimming your grocery budget, and investments. The hosts open their mail bag on episodes and respond to your questions.

How to Be a Better Human podcast art

How to Be a Better Human

Listen to ‘How to Be a Better Human’

TED Audio Collective presents “How to Be a Better Human,” sharing self-improvement tips with guests and comedian/host Chris Duffy. Past TED speakers and others will share insight to help you level up your human skills and improve. Tune in for episodes on finding daily gratitude, how to unite people with art, finding humor in our scary world, getting enough sleep, and more in over 50 episodes. Many fellow podcasters have joined episodes like Adam Grant and Dr. Jen Gunter.

Gains with Andy Giersher podcast art

Gains with Andy Giersher

Listen to ‘Gains with Andy Giersher’

Audacy’s “Gains with Andy Giersher” deep-dives into money moves, cryptocurrencies, trending meme stocks, and other opportunities. Andy is a business expert covering topics like the stock market, consolidating digital assets, managing your portfolio, maintaining financial discipline, and more in weekly episodes.

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