From iconic scandals to ones swept under the rug, ‘American Scandal’ unveils the details of wrongdoings we wish we’d heard earlier

History May 16, 2022
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The title of this podcast truly says it all. American society has been shaped by the scandals that have rocked it to its core. Whether it’s politicians, athletes, hometown heroes, or business moguls who promised to change the world only to break that promise, “American Scandal” is here to ask the questions society flounders with when the dust settles: how did we let this happen? How did these people slip through the cracks? And most importantly, how did the general public end up finding out?

From the creators of “American History Tellers,” “Business Wars,” and many more is the beloved Wondery podcast “American Scandal.”

Since 2018, “American Scandal” has been releasing 4- to 5-episode series on corruption, deceit, and ambition that altered American society as we knew it. Episodes are typically just 45 minutes long, and the series/seasons themselves can be listened in any order you so desire.

You probably recognize Lindsay Graham’s voice from a number of other podcasts he hosts and narrates: the aforementioned “American History Tellers” as well as “American Elections: Wicked Games,” “History Daily,” and “Business Movers” (different than “Business Wars”). So, one could say he’s certainly found his niche.

Listeners can’t get enough of his fantastic narration, fascinating subject matter, and his podcasts’ excellent production quality. His podcasts lean heavily into the dramatics, bringing the past to life through his storytelling.

This podcast now has over 35 seasons for you to choose from that spread across the 20th and 21st centuries. The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair? Yes, obviously Lindsay Graham has got it covered. Looking for something more nuclear? Why not listen to Lindsay narrate the events that led up to and followed a partial meltdown that unfolded at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant?

“American Scandal” has taken us into the heart of scandals that range from unknown to the most pivotal moments in U.S. history. From the Boston College Gambling Scheme to the Waco massacre to the lasting effects of the Red Scare of the mid 20th-century to Walter Freeman and his devastating creation of the ice pick lobotomy, “American Scandal” delves into the driving forces behind these events.

You’ll hear about entire scandals you’ve never heard of before along with little-known details behind the scandals that altered society on a massive scale. By presenting these scandals over multiple episodes, so many details that would be cut from other podcasts make it into “American Scandal.” Even if you lived through these moments, you’ll never realize how much you missed until you check out this podcast.

For any fans of Lindsay Graham, Wondery, or just good old-fashioned moral turpitude, “American Scandal” has to be your next listen if it isn’t queued up already.

Listen to ‘American Scandal’

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