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Arts July 21, 2022
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“Tribeca Audio Premieres” treats listeners to curatorial, Tribeca Festival-style episodes interviewing podcasters about their work. Hear from actors, hosts, journalists, writers, and musicians in bi-weekly episodes as they share behind-the-scenes details from their projects. Then, you’ll hear the first episode of each podcasters’ show.

This series helps listeners find new podcasts to stream, learn more about their backstories, creators, and how we listen to shows. Episodes explore what we listen for in audio content and things you might not be listening for yet in everyday streaming experiences.

In new episodes running less than an hour on average, hear enlightening conversations similar to “Tribeca Talks,” a podcast featuring conversations from the Tribeca Film Festival’s archive. From actors to directors and musicians, the artists chat about their inspirations and careers, and you might hear a classic cast getting reunited for the first time in years on “Tribeca Talks.”

In the first episode of “Tribeca Audio Premieres,” you’ll hear from host Davy Gardner (head of Tribeca Audio and podcast curator), Jason Reynolds (best-selling author), Jad Abumrad (“Dolly Parton’s America,” etc.), and Julie Shapiro.

Episode 1 includes the full first episode of “Radiotopia Presents: My Mother Made Me,” hosted by writer Jason Reynolds and his mom, Isabell. They explore their connection, special relationship, Isabell’s parenting, and how they learn from each other. Jason and Isabell have a unique parent-child friendship that demonstrates continuous growth over time, age, and different situations. This podcast is 4 episodes, allowing Jason and Isabell to share their history, spirituality, and stories ranging from birthday lunches to visiting a casino and going to Costco.

In an episode all about “Mother Country Radicals,” hear from the show’s creator Zayd Ayers Dohrn, his mom Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, and Alex Wagner. Davy hosts their conversation, and Zayd shared his family’s rebellious story – he was raised underground hiding out with his parents from the FBI. His parents partook in a counter cultural movement that turned violent and was responsible for crimes like bombing government buildings. Stay tuned throughout the episode to hear the first part of “Mother Country Radicals.”

Davy interviewed Dianna Agron about QCode Media’s sci-fi drama, “Narcissa.” Dianna plays a mind reader in Los Angeles, set in the year 2036. They talked about her character, performing in an audio drama, and technology.

If you enjoy compelling interviews, learning about new podcasts, and the performing arts, we think you’ll like “Tribeca Audio Premieres.” Tune in biweekly for new episodes.

Listen to ‘Tribeca Audio Premieres’

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