‘Flagrant Pod’ is shooting its shot at NBA-related conspiracy theories

Sports January 4, 2022
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“Flagrant Pod” is a basketball podcast cracking conspiracy theories relating to the NBA. Host Ciara and Flagrant Founding Mothers Ashtyn Butuso and Alex Haigh unpack “The Flagrant Files,” dive through Reddit threads, get wrapped up in mysteries like Under Armor’s say in Kevin Durant joining the Warriors (maybe). What was up with LeBron James and the Miami Heat in 2014? Kyrie Irving said he believes in what kinds of theories? Guests join the hosts to investigate questions like these in weekly episodes.

Since 2021, “Flagrant Pod” has released over 12 episodes and counting. Start the series in any order, since the topics are player, conspiracy theory, or theme-specific. The podcast is created by Flagrant Magazine, an inclusive women-created publication about sports and its culture, running stories on fans, the community, projects, and more.

A recent “Flagrant Pod” episode explored Dwyane Wade’s career and reminded listeners of his accident in 2005. The hosts wonder if he faked his injury to gain an advantage. Later in the episode, the hosts explained Dwyane’s lawsuits with his ex-wife, suing for defamation of character. In December, the hosts played trivia and Ja Morant-themed games with their followers.

Rockets player Sean Yoo joined the hosts to question why James Harden has a beard. Did LeBron James actually botch a deal? The hosts share their own takeaway theories from what might have occurred.

The podcast devoted two episodes to NBA draft boards in May 2021. The hosts will contemplate major questions such as, “If you had the opportunity to manipulate the elements to win an NBA championship, would you?” And then they found real-life possibilities where someone possibly intervened and wondered whether or not the San Antonio Spurs broke the central air conditioning to beat the Heat in 2014’s NBA finals. The hosts were not impressed by Draymond Green’s tweets about “women complaining” in terms of pay gaps and less press coverage, and the episode pointed out some better ideas to complain about.

If you’re into basketball and contemplating NBA theories, this series is for you. Check out new, weekly episodes of “Flagrant Pod” wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Flagrant Pod’

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