For 10 years, ‘The History Chicks’ have been filling in the gaps of history

History August 29, 2021
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Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider are dedicating their lives to the women of history in “The History Chicks.” These are introductions to the most important female characters of history, both fact and fiction.

Graham and Vollenweider have been at this for quite awhile – over 10 years in fact. Back in 2010, they noticed that women were too often glossed over in history class, if mentioned at all. Half the population of the world, nearly undocumented. Beckett was so frustrated with the lack of coverage of women’s history, the two decided to make a podcast focused solely on that.

Their first episode from 2011 was, naturally, Marie Antoinette. Who else? Through the years they’ve covered historical figures like Helen Keller and Abigail Adams, murderous broads like Lizzie Borden and Typhoid Mary, and fictional characters from Cinderella to Mrs. Claus.

They continue to work closer and closer to present day icons, with a short mini-series on Wonder Woman and episodes on people like Rosa Parks and Queen Elizabeth. There’s women you’ve heard of before, and women you should be looking forward to getting to know. There’s literally 10 years worth of history lessons – you’re just going to have to check out some episodes to find out who else they talk about.

In no particular order, they have been telling the lost stories of women around the world. Their show notes are packed with resources for you to do your own research, as well. “The History Chicks” share the greater details of these ladies lives: the failures and successes, and all of the interesting and juicy drama that they got into in their time.

For all of the information on the greatest queens, empresseses, philanthropists, scientists, artists, outlaws, murderesses and cultural icons, “The History Chicks” is about to become your new obsession. With over 200 episodes, there’s sure to be one that’ll hook you.

Listen to ‘The History Chicks’

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