Not your typical ‘Godfather’-style mob hit: Former DeMeo Crew associate Dominick Montiglio spills the tea on ‘Mafia Tapes’

True Crime April 5, 2022
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ID’s “Mafia Tapes” is not your typical Godfather-style mob hit. This series delves into Dominick Montiglio’s story told in his own words – a former DeMeo Crew associate born and swept into one of Brooklyn’s most notorious mobs. It’s an intriguing narrative of dualities: a man grappling with being the hero and the villain, a truth teller and a con artist, a lover and a fighter, and the mortal and the immortal. “Mafia Tapes” also paints a poignant portrait of Brooklyn through newly uncovered audio tapes and recent interviews with Dominick himself and those close to him.

Start “Mafia Tapes” from episode 1 for the full arc of this unforgettable saga. The story unfolds over 8 episodes under 50 minutes each, making this podcast unique and bingeable for fans of true crime.

Episode 1 goes back to Dominick’s childhood and his attempts to escape the literal mob mentality by joining the military, heading to Vietnam, and pursuing singing. Even when he moves out west, he cannot escape the family ‘biz and carries out assignments for the DeMeo Crew, like stalking monsters. After crime boss Carlo Gambino’s death, Dominick finds himself wading deeper inside the mob. Police and law enforcement are on the DeMeo Crew’s trail with surveillance by episode 3, and the birth of Dominick’s first child, Camarie, makes him reconsider his mob involvement.

Documentary filmmaker Celia Aniskovich, the podcast’s creator and host, joins an episode of Podsauce to share her journey interviewing one of the mob’s real affiliates and turning his life and times into a fascinating podcast. Aside from his mafia ties, Celia told Podsauce about Dominick’s knack for the arts. She also shared how the podcast and Dominick’s friends and family dealt with his unexpected death partway through making the show.

Dominick recounts tragic memories and victims’ stories in the 4th and 5th episodes when Celia visited him in the desert. A federal task force was set to topple the DeMeo Crew, and Dominick evaded arrest for 10 years. He decided whether to snitch or keep quiet to honor his omerta oath.

In 1985, Dominick was arrested and waited to testify in the Southern District of New York courthouse in the U.S. v. Castellano trial. We hear what happened at the trial and his decision to turn against his family. There are so many twists and turns by the last episode that will have you on the edge of your seat as we learn how Dominick’s story impacted his family, friends, and enemies. Celia also wondered what consequences this podcast had on Dominick’s fate and if her own life is in danger.

If you enjoy podcasts like “Deep Cover: Mob Land” and “Dirty Rats,” you might also dig “Mafia Tapes.” The whole series is now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Mafia Tapes’

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