Fred Armisen stars in horror fiction series ‘Black Friday’

Fiction December 1, 2021
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From Realm comes “Black Friday,” a horror comedy fiction podcast starring Fred Armisen. This series takes place in the fictional store, Mart Club, the day before Black Friday. In the first episode, store associate Richard headed down to the store’s basement to perform a wish-fulfillment ritual in hopes of being promoted as a store manager. Suddenly, the basement was enveloped in fog, Richard was dead, and later that day, a series of inexplicable events occurred the night before one of the year’s busiest shopping days.

Start the series from the very first episode, so you’re in the story’s loop up to when undead corpses begin storming the store. The average length of episodes is 20 minutes, and the first few are now streaming with new episodes posted weekly.

Listeners meet Fred’s character, Bob, who started working a retail job after getting laid off from the corporate world and signed up to work on Thanksgiving. Bob is grateful to do any job at this point, and built the store’s holiday display with a positive attitude and sang as he worked in the first episode.

The store is thrown into chaos as a blizzard hits their town and the store loses power. They scramble to save their refrigerated inventory and stock shelves before the biggest shopping day of the year. Overnight, Richard’s ritual has unleashed demons and zombies as they trample through Mart Club. The staff including Bob, manager Tanya, and coworkers attempt to fend off the undead and stick to the store’s emergency protocols in hopes of getting the situation under control before crowds arrive in the morning.

Fred is a multi-hyphenate creative and SNL alum. He wrote and co-created the sketch comedy show Portlandia with Carrie Brownstein. Since 2015, Fred works on the mocumentary series, Documentary Now! with Bill Hader and Seth Meyers. Fred is also a musician, actor, and recently voiced several characters on the Netflix show, Big Mouth, among other projects. At times, “Black Friday” reminded us of Portlandia‘s absurdist comedy bits.

“Black Friday” is written by E.A. Copin and has been trending this week on iTunes, holding the #1 spot in the fiction podcast category. Check out new, weekly episodes of this series, wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Listen to ‘Black Friday’

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