Tortillas, margaritas, and more: get ‘Hungry for History with Eva Longoria and Maite Gomez-Rejón’

Food November 2, 2022
Listen to ‘Hungry for History with Eva Longoria and Maite Gomez-Rejón’

My Cultura Network presents “Hungry for History with Eva Longoria and Maite Gomez-Rejón,” a food podcast examining the origins of yummy entrées, ingredients, and drinks from the hosts’ culture. Eva and Maite dive into family stories, favorite memories, culinary traditions, and recipes for listeners on weekly episodes.

In upbeat and educational conversations, Eva and Maite bridge the past and present to bring listeners on extraordinary culinary expeditions. They’re also joined by special guests like historians and food entrepreneurs to share their takes on topics ranging from tortillas to margaritas.

On the first episode, Eva and Maite discussed the tortilla’s history and rolled out the centuries-old debacle – corn or wheat? The hosts taste-tested Eva’s homemade flour tortillas and also sampled some from Los Angeles’ Sonoratown. Eva shared her flour tortilla recipe with listeners. Maite went to East LA’s Acapulco Mexicatessen and observed the nixtamalization process. The founder of Masienda, Jorge Gaviria, joined this episode to weigh in on the corn vs. flour debate.

In “Margarita Time: The History of Mexican Spirits,” the hosts discussed Mayahuel, the fertility goddess in Aztec mythology – “the personification of the agave plant.” This plant is the source of many Mexican drinks, and this episode shared why the fermented drink, pulque, is significant. Maite and Eva drank margaritas and explored how distillation techniques got started post-conquest, the first mezcal, and more. Ivan Vasquez, the owner of Los Angeles’ Madre Restaurant, discussed mezcal, and Maite shared her margarita recipe.

Eva and Maite unwrapped the histories of assorted Mexican candies like “Baroque confections in colonial convent kitchens,” spicy chamoys, and more treats. This episode shared some of Mexico’s history and Maite stopped by a candy museum in Michoacán, Mexico. Art Historian Dr. Elizabeth Morán told the co-hosts all about the ancient candy Alegrías.

Fans of “Borderline Salty” and “Comfort Eating with Grace Dent” might also enjoy this tasty and informative podcast. Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Hungry for History with Eva Longoria and Maite Gomez Rejón” wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Hungry for History with Eva Longoria and Maite Gomez-Rejón’

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