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True Crime August 13, 2021
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On a morning in 1982, a trucker in Jackson County, Mississippi spotted a barefoot woman walking along the roadside with a child in her arms. Two days later, another trucker called 911 to report a body he saw floating in a river. When law enforcement arrived, no one was found. Instead, in a nearby river, police found a little girl’s body. Was the first sighting of the lady and baby connected to Jane Doe? This series of events sets the opening tone for Audiochuck’s new podcast, “Solvable.” This true crime series seeks to find answers to cold cases.

“Solvable” is hosted by genetic genealogist Amanda Reno and law enforcement specialist Greg Bodker. They met when solving a cold case in Ohio. After working well together, they decided to join forces with their respective skillsets to solve even more cases. Amanda’s background is in genealogy, as she once worked with adoptees and others seeking info on their biological parents. In recent years, Amanda works with law enforcement to identify John and Jane Does. As part of her job, Amanda also locates the DNA sources at crime scenes. Greg’s background lies in law enforcement, as he reviews cases through the critical lens of a detective.

For the aforementioned case, as well as others presented in the 10-part series, Amanda and Greg interview family members, police, investigators, and other individuals involved in the cases.

The first episodes recount the eventual identification of the Jackson County’s Jane Doe via DNA tracing, almost 40 years later.

It’s incredible how far science has come to solve cold cases. Amanda and Greg’s investigative techniques instill hope for unsolved cases. All episodes are now available to stream.

Listen to ‘Solvable’

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