‘Gettin’ Grown’ gets real about adulting with insight from two happy, hardworking Black women

Society & Culture June 21, 2022
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“Gettin’ Grown” is getting real and sharing adulting advice from 2 happy and hardworking Black women in their 30s, Jade Verette and Keia Nicole. In weekly episodes, the co-hosts are chatting with guests and inviting listeners to “Kitchen TableTalks,” filled with thoughtful perspectives on topics ranging from cultural commentary to “Petty Peeves” and “Lessons in Black Women Self Care.”

Start the podcast in any order with the average episode running less than 2 hours each. For timely episodes tackling current events, check out the most recent episodes in chronological order. Jade and Keia celebrated Black Music Month and graduation announcements in June. In May, an episode shared resources to honor National Women’s Health Week and unpacked facts on Roe v. Wade.

DJ Reborn joined Jade and Keia to share her experiences as a Black Woman DJ for 20+ years and talked about Black Music Month. DJ Reborn doled out life lessons and insight on identity, art, careers, and evolution.

Right after the MET Gala, Jade and Keia broke down looks and paid tribute to the iconic André Leon Talley. On another episode, athlete, fitness trainer, and coach Danyele Wilson discussed self-acceptance, body positivity, and fitness training’s benefits beyond weight loss.

Black Women Talk Tech’s founders, Esosa and Regina, shared about their annual ‘Roadmap to Billions’ conference and why it’s important to build community.

As a mental health advocate, Podsauce host Alesha shared she enjoyed listening to “Gettin’ Grown.” Alesha listened to the “Check Engine Light” episode and appreciated how the hosts used reflection prompts from therapist, author, and relationship expert Dr. Nedra Glover Tawwab.

In March, Dr. Adia Gooden sat down with the co-hosts and shared tools to create and maintain unconditional self-worth.

We recommend “Gettin’ Grown” for fans of “Therapy for Black Girls,” “The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema,” and “The Read.”

“Gettin’ Grown” is presented by Loud Speakers Network. Tune in for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Gettin’ Grown’

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