Mysteries, murders and poltergeists: ‘Ghost Town’ is a true crime buffet

True Crime August 19, 2021
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Studio71’s “Ghost Town” consistently shows up to the true crime table. Dedicated to the weird and paranormal, “Ghost Town” is one part history, one part true crime, and one part comedy. Their earliest episodes are devoted to abandoned amusement parks, haunted hotels, foreclosed malls, weird and infamous murders, and paranormal experiences.

Hosted and produced by comedians Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib, “Ghost Town” holds its ground as one of the top true crime podcasts. Horton and Leib are storytellers at their core, and they want you to get a few shivers up your spine with every episode. They have great chemistry as well, so be ready for a little bit of banter.

You’ll hear about little-known hauntings and strange historical events that you won’t find anywhere else. Lexington, Kentucky is home to the cursed Transylvania University, which seems fitting given the name of the school. Or try out their episode about the hauntings at the West Point Military Academy that plagued the 1972 school year. There’s classic tales like the Lizzie Borden murders and her supposedly haunted home, and the conspiracy theories surrounding the Denver Airport and the strange occurrences attached to it.

They also show their extreme dedication to the cause with their three-part Janis Joplin series. The famous singer who unfortunately became a member of the 27-club died in the Landmark Motor Hotel. So, they recorded inside Room 105 where she died. Parts two and three of the series are even recorded from Barney’s Beanery, the last place the musician was seen alive. If you’re going to host a paranormal podcast, you’ve got to do some legit ghost hunting.

Their newer episodes focus on the weird, suspicious and unknown. Potential suicides that were called murders prematurely, unsolved cases leading to more questions than answers. Conspiracy theory enthusiasts unite, because “Ghost Town” has more than enough theories to keep you guessing for days. Their recent episode “165: The Mysterious Death of Charemon Jonovich” delves into the suicide of Jonovich, the 25 year-old girlfriend of Murphy Brown actor Robert Pastorelli. He claimed that she accidentally shot herself right in front of him in their own home, thinking that the gun she had pointed at her head was unloaded. Five years later, shortly after he was forewarned that authorities planned on arresting him for the murder of Jonovich, Pastorelli was found dead of a drug overdose on March 8, 2004. Jonovich’s cause of death was declared undetermined. Horton and Leib dive further into this, reading conspiracy theories about what happened the night Jonovich died, which may or may not include Russian Doll star Natasha Lyonne.

With short 30 minute episodes, and mini episode of no more than 20 minutes, “Ghost Town” will give you all the weird and spooky your heart desires. A binge-worthy podcast to have you hearing bumps in the night, check out new episodes every Wednesday and Friday.

Listen to ‘Ghost Town’

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