Award-winning journalist Ginni Saraswati and guests from all around the world share gems of wisdom on ‘The Ginni Show’

Society & Culture March 18, 2022
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“The Ginni Show” is hosted by the hilarious and insightful media maven, Ginni Saraswati. As the host of her podcast and creator of the production house Ginni Media, she recently shared her unique perspective on an episode of Podsauce. Ginni discussed why podcasting is an intimate broadcasting medium, her background in radio, and why she enjoys connecting with guests on her series.

Ginni wanted to try something different after hosting a morning show in Australia for around 10 years. “The Ginni Show” started as creative outlet to share personal stories and entertain listeners. Since 2016, “The Ginni Show” has released over 180 episodes. Listeners can stream the podcast in any order with standalone episodes and guests.

By the 3rd season, Ginni invited guests to share inspiring stories “connected with aligning you to a happier, healthier, and abundant life.” As a lifelong learner, Ginni appreciates the invaluable lessons her guests share across illuminating conversations in episodes under 45 minutes on average. Ginni is joined by an array of guests from the worlds of business, health, media, education, and more.

Dax and Alesha listened to the “4 Steps for Conducting Tough Conversations with David Wood” episode. David shared why conversations are the keys to success and building confidence and offered tools to start challenging conversations as well as how to navigate awkward situations when approached. They explored how to hold space (and when not to engage) with others in conversations and detailed the consequences of avoiding such interactions. David discussed the CARE model for restorative justice, and he shared the most awkward conversation he ever had to initiate.

Contemplate life with episodes like “How to Grow Old Enthusiastically” with Dr. Ron Kaiser. He spoke about happiness, positive psychology, why everyone should set goals, and lessons he’d offer for 20-30 year olds. There are other episodes on self-care, setting boundaries, self-love, finding comedic relief, your soul purpose, joy, and focusing on growth. Steviva founder Thom King joined Ginni to share tips on finding peace and letting go of attachment.

We wholeheartedly recommend “The Ginni Show’s” variety of episodes offering insight and life advice. Check out the podcast’s archive wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘The Ginni Show’

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