Death, kidnapping, and decades of abuse: ‘Girl in the Picture’ companion episodes going beyond Netflix’s documentary

TV & Film July 13, 2022
'The Girl in the Picture' art for 'You Can't Make This Up'
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Girl in the Picture might be one of the most disturbing true crime documentaries you’ll watch all year on Netflix. This documentary tells the story of a mother’s death, her kidnapped son, and mysterious events that unfolded over decades. The companion podcast goes beyond the documentary and examines a girl’s life, known as Sharon Marshall (and many other names), whose true identity was once only known by the person she called her father. We learn this girl was kidnapped and abused by Franklin Delano Floyd, who was later convicted as a killer.

The documentary is based on Matt Birkbeck’s investigative journalism detailed in books like A Beautiful Child and Finding Sharon. Hear more about the story on Netflix’s official companion podcast, “You Can’t Make This Up.” This series has tons of supplemental info, and all episodes are okay to stream even if you have not yet watched the documentary. Begin the Girl in the Picture episodes in chronological order to hear firsthand stories from people who knew Sharon as a teen.

In episode 1, Sharon was described as a mesmerizing and smart high school scholar by her former classmates in the 1980s. Sharon’s home life was a mystery and troubled those around her, but peers and teachers could not totally figure out what was happening.

On the podcast, we hear from Sharon’s high school friends, including a girl she befriended, and how they suspected abuse but were unable to help. While visiting Sharon at home, her friend had several off-putting encounters with Sharon’s “father” as chronicled on the podcast.

By episode 2, we learn that Sharon’s controlling “father” forced her to ditch her college dreams, join sex work, and she brought a baby into the world. Sharon’s friends were unable to help her break free.

By the third podcast episode, we hear that Sharon faced escalating violence and abuse, and she assumed a new identity. There was an alleged accident that brought Michael, her son, to foster care. Authorities learned Michael’s family were not who they claimed to be.

For more companion episodes to Netflix shows and films, check out more episodes of “You Can’t Make This Up.” Past releases covered “The Tinder Swindler,” “The G Word,” “Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey,” and many more.

Listen to ‘Girl in the Picture’

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