‘Girls That Invest’ won’t mansplain the stock market; instead, they are taking down the deliberately complicated world of investing

Business January 25, 2022
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The world of money can be really hard to understand. And, truthfully, that’s the fault of the people at the top. So, Sim and Sonya, two millenial women passionate about investing, personal finance, and educating others on those topics, have created “Girls That Invest.” In this podcast, they are taking on the intimidating and not-well-taught world of investing, growing wealth, and everything it entails.

“Girls That Invest” is talking everything from choosing companies to invest in, to NFTs, to investing fees, to crypto and investing scams. They talk about the investing tips being touted by some of the richest people in the world (e.g. Warren Buffett) and whether or not to follow them, and discussing their biggest takeaways from the best investing books (Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Intelligent Investor).

They talk about starting side hustles, the good, the bad, and the ugly of hustle culture, and social media’s effect on financial wellbeing. They give us looks into their own investing portfolios and give examples of other millennial and Gen Z stock investing portfolios. They discuss stock market investing vs. property investing and have even given us a cheat sheet towards upping our money game with their episode “Top 10 investing mistakes beginners make.”

The two have recorded over 45 episodes, with each one typically ranging from an easily digestible 15 to 30 minutes long. They are tackling this world of investment head on, empowering listeners through education. They are breaking down the barriers that keep people out of investing, and their passionate message is both entertaining and inspiring.

From the start, Sim and Sonya hit us with the basis of their podcast. While most of us have heard of the wage gap: the idea that women that are doing the same job, in the same area, with the same qualifications are still not making as much as their male counterparts, people aren’t addressing an even bigger issue with the wealth gap. The wealth gap instead addresses the problem of women not having the same amount of assets as their male counterparts, even when adjusting for all other variables.

What does this mean? It means that financial freedom is not a possibility for everyone. Both men and women can end the cycle that’s made people in the past miss out on generating wealth, and instead help others reach their financial freedom.

Every single one of their episodes are endlessly informational (and not at all boring – we love that they keep episodes short and sweet), and they are frequently joined by guests who share their passion. They are keeping listeners updated on the most popular ETFs (exchange traded funds) of the year, giving us a look into the investing journeys of CEO, investing authors, and others, and tell you how their own investing strategies have changed over time.

Whether you’ve been too nervous to begin investing, or you aren’t sure where to go once you’ve started, “Girls That Invest” wants to help. They are hitting us with all of the financial education we need, minus all of the tiresome jargon that have kept people from realizing their full financial potential for years. Be sure to check out “Girls That Invest!”

Listen to ‘Girls That Invest’

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