A video game cult, bizarre vending machine contents, and creepy sleep apps: stop scrolling and go down ‘Red Web’ rabbit holes

True Crime August 5, 2022
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“Red Web” delves into true crimes, internet mysteries, conspiracies, supernatural events, and other puzzling internet rabbit holes. Since 2020, hosts Trevor Collins and Alfredo Diaz have analyzed unsolved cases, share the unknown, and more in weekly episodes.

Start the podcast’s 100+ episodes in any order with the average release running less than 90 minutes long. There are episodes on UFOs, unexplained phenomena, ghosts, heists, and more wild stories.

A recent episode discussed Men in Black, the figures allegedly seen during supernatural events, alien visits, UFO sightings, and Mothman sightings. The hosts looked at a UFO incident from 1952 when lights in the sky were seen across Washington, D.C. Government officials also saw them over 2 weekends. While the lights’ cause is still unknown, an episode shared this story.

Other UFO-based episodes discussed Skinwalker Ranch, Hollow Earth Theory, the Cash-Landrum Incident, and the Phoenix Lights. Earlier this year, the hosts covered reports of UFO sightings, crop circles, ancient monuments, and supernatural activity in Wiltshire County, England. This location is called “UK’s Area 51: Rudloe Manor.”

In the 1990s, internet chat rooms sprung up, and people spent time together in virtual worlds. A “Red Web” episode discusses Worlds.com and the scary Cult of Saturn that developed inside a game. Another gaming episode shared Polybius’ story – an arcade cabinet from the 1980s that people claimed brainwashed players, caused migraines, and nightmares.

There are puzzling internet stories like origins of the word “Erratas.” Dig into Reddit’s depths with an episode on “r/marton,” a subreddit for a New Zealand town with dark secrets. Another episode describes a Reddit user’s audio clip posting from a sleep app when she captured a short dialogue with what sounds like a random man in her home she had no recollection of.

Past true crime episodes have examined the Yuba County Five, Jack the Ripper, D.B. Cooper, The Watcher House, the Zodiac Killer, and missing people in public parks. There is a remote lake in the Himalayas where hundreds of human remains were found, some dating centuries apart. Another episode covered the Hinterkaifeck Murders in Germany, 1922, where the perpetrator lived on the farm after killing all victims. The Springfield Three disappeared in 1992 from their home, and an episode details this bizarre case.

There are episodes on unexpected stories, like a soda vending machine that inexplicably issues products that have been discontinued for years. Hear about the Max Headroom Incident when a video pirate took over a Chicago, Illinois television broadcast dressed like a popular TV character. Learn about one of the internet’s oldest mysteries, the Markovian Parallax Denigrate, dating back to 1996.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Red Web” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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