7 gold medal podcasts to listen to during the Olympics

Sports July 20, 2021

After an extra year of waiting, the Olympics have officially started on July 23, 2021. The Olympics and Paralympics will take place in and around Tokyo, Japan, and we are anticipating greatness. So, to be as prepared as the Olympians themselves, we have compiled a list of podcasts all about the Olympics.

We have podcasts on the history of the Olympics and Paralympics, podcasts about past Games, podcasts that cover the Games, and so much more. On the off-chance that you won’t have the television on 24/7, there are also podcasts covering the events as they happen. Hear from the world’s top athletes and historians on everything you need to know about the upcoming and past Olympics with these great podcasts:

The Podium: Tokyo 2020 Olympics podcast image

The Podium

Listen to ‘The Podium’

An official NBC podcast, “The Podium” podcast will be covering the Olympic Games in depth this year. It will be in-depth, inside coverage of the 17 days of competition. Before the Games begin, though, they have been bringing us the stories and events that have defined the past Olympic Games. There is history, heartbreak, and an untold future waiting in the wings. “The Podium” is definitely the place to be this summer.

Keep the Flame Alive podcast image

Keep the Flame Alive

Listen to ‘Keep the Flame Alive’

For anyone unaware, several months before the Olympic Games, the Olympic fire is lit at the site of the original Olympics in Olympia, Greece. Since 1936, the torch has been transported to the Olympic Games, by foot, by boat, by car, by plane, and now – by podcast. “Keep the Flame Alive” is the place to hear all about the Olympics and Paralympics year-round. Hosts Jill Jaracz and Alison Brown interview athletes, Gamemakers, historians and more!

Olympic Channel Podcast image

Olympic Channel Podcast

Listen to ‘Olympic Channel Podcast’

From the official Olympic Channel comes their podcast, hosted by Ed Knowles. Knowles interviews people who have gone through some of the most grueling competition in the world. Past guests include the four-time Olympic gold medallist (for now) Simone Biles, diver Tom Daley, and many many more. They’ll also have full coverage of the Games once they are in full swing! Don’t miss a single event with the “Olympic Channel Podcast”.

Beyond the Games podcast image

Beyond the Games

Listen to ‘Beyond the Games’

Hailed as the “Best Games Ever,” the 2000 Sydney Olympics brought in the millennium with a bang. Not only was the competition great, but the Sydney Olympic Park is a blueprint for sustainable urban transformation. Host Mark Beretta reveals never-before-heard scenes and secrets from the Games. There is good and bad: he celebrates the innovation of the Park and criticizes the way the Paralympics were treated. Take a look back with “Beyond the Games”.

Japan Sport Stories podcast image

Japan Sport Stories

Listen to ‘Japan Sport Stories’

The Olympic Games are known for bringing mass tourism to host countries (and some bad side effects from that, as well). While the topic of even still having the Olympics is not at all widely supported in Japan, the IOC has decided to do it anyway. It’s a frustrating topic, but “Japan Sport Stories” is a wonderful way to learn more about Japanese history and culture from home. Join hosts Noel and Mike on their quest for the most fascinating untold stories of Japanese sports! They interview Olympians, Paralympians, Sumo Wrestlers, historians, and more in this podcast for sports, history, and fans of Japan worldwide. Seriously, this podcast should be required listening.

Pursuit of Gold with Laura Wilkinson

Listen to ‘Pursuit of Gold with Laura Wilkinson’

Olympian and World Champion diver Laura Wilkinson is gathering the best of the best for her podcast. Weekly, she converses with other Olympic athletes, coaches and experts on a variety of subjects. Focused on athletes and athletic performance, Wilkinson is determined to unlock the tools that Olympians use to become a full athlete. It’s mind and body. Listen to “Pursuit of Gold with Laura Wilkinson” to hear about the grit and guts of the Games.

Sasha Sessions: A Team USA Podcast

Listen to ‘Sasha Sessions: A Team USA Podcast’

From the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee is “Sasha Sessions: A Team USA Podcast”. With guests like Apolo Ohno, Adam Rippon, and Laurie Hernandez, this podcast features Olympians of all disciplines. Her guests have inspired millions on the Olympic and Paralympic stage, including people outside of sports working to fight for human rights.

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