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Business December 31, 2021
Listen to ‘Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips’

Eric Siu and Neil Patel present “Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips,” a series sharing tips for entrepreneurs on a vast array of topics. Learn lessons on business trends, strategies, investing, advertising, and more in daily episodes.

Since 2016, this podcast has released over 1,900 episodes and counting. Check out the podcast’s extensive episode selection in any order since Eric and Neil stick to one topic per episode. The average length of episodes is 10 minutes long, so the series is quite bingeable.

On a recent episode of Podsauce, Michael Stein, host of “Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein,” shared that he listens to informative podcasts like “Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips.” He enjoys learning from shows that help fuel ideas for businesses and beyond, especially since Michael continues to build his podcast’s brand.

Eric and Neil speak from experience. A recent episode discussed cultivating long-term relationships with people. Eric recently shared what he learned this year in the post-pandemic business world. Neil unpacked what he learned from hiring folks and increasing sales outside traditional marketing channels. They explained retention strategies with guest Patrick Campbell, why bosses need to set high expectations, and when to outsource your company’s marketing.

A recent episode weighed the pros and cons of buying a preexisting business versus building one from the ground up. There are a bunch of episodes with recommendations for SEO. Recent hot topics unpacked NFTs, Blockchain technology, crypto agencies, and how Web3 marketing will change the landscape forever. They also talked about smart contracts, online content creation, and monetization.

The hosts also get into current events and what they mean for marketing, such as Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and Apple’s decision to build out its marketing strategies.

Check out new, daily episodes of “Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips” wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Listen to ‘Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips’

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