Haunt your house with 9 horror movie podcasts this #SpookySZN

round up October 31, 2021

Who you gonna call? Podsauce! For your horror movie podcast round-up this spooky season, naturally! Whether you’re looking to sink your teeth into cult classics, searching for your next horror flick to stream, or movie reviews from every era, this list has you covered.

While Bella Lugosi’s dead, these podcasts are alive-and-kicking. So tune in to join the fright, if you dare.

Nightmare on Film Street

Listen to ‘Nightmare on Film Street’

Tune in every other Thursday for new episodes of “Nightmare on Film Street.” Hosts Jonathan Dehaan and Kimberley Elizabeth are casually obsessed with horror films, and cater to others who share their passion. They’ll cover favorites ranging from Final Destination and Friday the 13th to Scooby Doo.

Follow along with Jonathan and Kimberly with their 31-day Halloween Challenge and select movies for yourself that fit the themes like “Monster Mash,” “Horror Comedy,” and “Re-Animated.” The hosts are often joined by special guests. Darren Lynn Bousman and Josh Stolberg, director and co-writer of Spiral: From the Book of Saw appeared to discuss the latest addition to Saw’s universe, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock.

Horror Movie Talk

Listen to ‘Horror Movie Talk’

Dr. Bryce Hanson reminds us that you can get a PHD in Spookology and hosts “Horror Movie Talk” with Prof. David Day, a horror film expert. They’ll share brutally honest reviews on newer releases and classics. Episodes share synopses, spoilers, and look at the music scores. Recent episodes looked at 10 Cloverfield Lane, Malignant, and Paranormal Activity 3. The podcast releases new episodes weekly.

Every Horror Movie on Netflix

Listen to ‘Every Horror Movie on Netflix’

You might find a film to add to your streaming queue with “Every Horror Movie on Netflix.” While this podcast might not get through reviewing every movie on Netflix, hosts Chris, Patrick, and Steve are doing their darndest to live their dream with this series. In addition to Netflix reviews, each episode will recap newer films they’ve seen, and tell fun anecdotes like the time Steve met Hayden Christensen. The hosts recently delved into the Twilight saga. Tune in semimonthly for new episodes.

Scream Queenz: Where Horror Gets GAY!

Listen to ‘Scream Queenz: Where Horror Gets GAY!’

Patrick K. Walsh presents “Scream Queenz: Where Horror Gets GAY!” For 12 seasons, Patrick digs through classic gems and newer films to share candid reviews and interview fun guests. Patrick’s show topped Entertainment Weekly’s best LGBT Podcasts list in 2016, and charted on Rue Morgue Magazine’s Top 25 Horror Podcasts roster.

Somehow the first season got deleted from streaming platforms, and Patrick doesn’t have the files stored elsewhere, so he is asking listeners to forward episodes if anyone has them saved. All episodes are under 2 hours long and new episodes are released twice a month.

Halloween Never Dies: A Retrospective

Listen to ‘Halloween Never Dies: A Retrospective’

Delve into the Halloween film franchise, just in time for 2021’s latest installment, Halloween Kills starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards. Hosted by Sabina Graves, PacingPete, and other guests, episodes unpack the slasher subgenre of horror films. Episodes will draw connections between films and find movies were inspired by its predecessors.

Troglodyte Horror and Cult Film Review Podcast

Listen to ‘Troglodyte Horror and Cult Film Review Podcast’

Jesse G. Herrera’s “Troglodyte Horror and Cult Film Review Podcast” covers classics and newer releases. Hosts Loki Jesse, Rudy “The Monstrous One,” and Dani will chat about their favorite films and explain the personal impact each has had on their lives. They’ll also explore how each film influenced culture and the world.

Straight Chilling: Horror Movie Review

Listen to ‘Straight Chilling: Horror Movie Review’

“Straight Chilling: Horror Movie Review” captures a group of Floridian friends reviewing horror movies, making recommendations, and sharing trivia. On recent episodes, they got into Candyman, Malignant, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and vintage films like Jack-O.

Werewolf Ambulance

Listen to ‘Werewolf Ambulance’

Hosts Allen and Katie take a comedic approach to their horror film podcast, “Werewolf Ambulance.” Each week, they watch a different film, and recap it so thoroughly you might skip sitting through the film altogether! Tune in biweekly for new episodes.

The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast

Listen to ‘The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast’

I Hate Horror presents “The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast,” a series where old friends Joe and Sean dissect their love and disdain for various horror movies. They recently discussed Jennifer’s Body, The Hills Have Eyes Part 2, and Anaconda. New episodes are released biweekly.

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