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Society & Culture January 19, 2022
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From Parcast Network comes the Spotify Original “Supernatural with Ashley Flowers,” a journey through bizarre events, the surreal world, phenomena, and true crime. If you’re an avid podcast listener, chances are you have heard Ashley’s name in the pod-o-sphere or listened to one of her podcasts like “Crime Junkie” or “International Infamy.” Each week, Ashley shares otherworldly stories – ones where out-of-the-box theories are considered, and hard facts account for just one part of the possible narrative.

With over 95 episodes since 2020, “Supernatural with Ashley Flowers” puzzles together mysteries and investigates cases. The average length of episodes is under 45 minutes long. Start the series in any order, but if you’re particularly interested in a theme, check out the episodes with their respective labelling: “Mystical,” “The Unknown,” “Disappeared,” “Haunted,” “Alien,” and “Conspiracy.”

Podsauce host Dax selected “Supernatural with Ashley Flowers” as his podcast pick in a recent episode. Dax listened to the Fox Sisters episode, about two clairvoyants who discovered their gifts by communicating with a spirit using a system like morse code to knock on the walls.

What was MK-Ultra, and how did this unlock questions about the CIA using LSD to control minds? How did Roanoke Colony disappear in 1590? Did anyone survive King Tut’s supposed curse? Did 14th century bookseller Nicolas Flamel know anything about immortality, and what was the philosopher’s stone? These sorts of questions are unpacked in episodes.

When a 3-year-old fell down a flight of stairs in 1907 and was declared dead by the family doctor, she came back to life, seemingly uninjured. Oddly enough, the child began speaking with a foreign accent and begged to go home to Ancient Egypt. We’ll hear stories like the set of twins who believed the other would die if either interacted with anyone outside of the duo. When they turned 29, one of the twins died, and Ashley explores how they could have fulfilled their own prophecy.

There are episodes based on creatures from mythology and folklore, delving into werewolves, vampires, witches, mothman, and more. Episodes falling under the “Unknown” category include claims of time travel from a viral internet sensation to an Italian priest. Hear about blues musician Robert Johnson’s lore around a deal with the devil in the 1930s through a rags-to-riches story.

When a police officer researched Zigmund Adamski’s death in 1980, his bureau deemed it an accident, but officer Alan Godfrey believed it resembled an alien abduction. In another episode, U.S. Air Force members saw an aircraft in The Rendlesham Forest in 1980 and claimed one of the craft’s entities talked to an officer.

There are conspiracy theory episodes digging into Bob Lazar’s Area 51 work in 1989, as alien technology was allegedly reverse engineered. Bob started speaking out on the government’s UFO knowledge, and he is still suffering consequences today. Another conspiracy-themed episode dove into the Illuminati, an 18th century society that vanished ten years after its inception. Theorists believe the society adapted to hiding their organization.

In a haunted episode, the Bell family heard noises from their Tennessee cabin, which kickstarted four years of terror and torment from an invisible entity. People would visit to see the Bell Witch firsthand, and suddenly, her activity turned deadly. You’ll hear about demonic possessions, the occult, and two women who said they time travelled via the Palace of Versailles to see Queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

To hear unexplained tales, tune into “Supernatural with Ashley Flowers” for new, weekly episodes wherever you listen to you favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Supernatural with Ashley Flowers’

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