Britney Spears’ drama, Taylor Swift’s stalkers, Charles Manson, and more celebrity crimes on ‘DISGRACELAND’

Music July 13, 2022
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Double Elvis’ “DISGRACELAND” is an atypical music podcast, exploring the lives, times, and true crimes of musical icons and their followings. Hear about musicians who murdered and superstars’ questionable behavior, sometimes gracing headlines, while other stories stayed buried only to be heard later on.

Season 10 dropped this July with new, weekly episodes averaging 45 minutes a pop. The series has released over 20 episodes since 2017 and can be streamed in any order you’d like, since they’re artist-specific.

Tune in this season to hear about Britney Spears, Ringo Starr, Charles Manson, the Sex Pistols, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Robert Johnson, Pink Floyd, and more.

Previous seasons’ episodes covered David Bowie, the Beach Boys, Ozzy Osbourne, The Beatles, Whitney Houston, A$AP Rocky, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones – just to name a few.

In season 9, we’ll hear about The Eagles’ cocaine use and Hank Williams getting thrown out of Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. What happened when the band Sublime allegedly incited a riot? Juice WRLD was trailed by the FBI when he and his crew were searched prior to boarding a flight from LAX. When the plane landed in Chicago, Homeland Security performed with an FBI task force to search Juice WRLD’s private jet. 70 pounds of cannabis and 3 guns were found, and an episode explores what happened in the wake of this discovery.

In addition, listeners will learn about Miles Davis blasting racism, The Temptations’ paranoia, and Tom Petty’s heroin habit. Federal drug agents and heroin hounds were after Billie Holiday for her drug use. How did George Harrison dodge his own murder? We’ll have to tune in to hear more about these true stories.

The first episode of season 9 covered Taylor Swift‘s scary battles with stalkers over the years – ones who traveled over state lines in attempts to be in her presence, ones who threatened and sent disturbing love letters, and the time a fan got past security and was waiting for her inside her home. This episode also unpacks her beginnings in the music industry, all the way through her master tapes getting sold to Scooter Braun. Jake explained the judge’s ruling on her sexual assault case against a DJ in 2017, as she won the case and asked for $1, a symbol of respect for herself and support for other female victims. Taylor promised to donate funds to cover victims’ legal costs.

DISGRACELAND” is written, produced, and hosted by Jake Brennan, and the series won several awards. Jake wrote the book, DISGRACELAND: Musicians Getting Away With Murder And Behaving Very Badly. “BADLANDS” released two seasons based on “DISGRACELAND.” “HOLLYWOODLAND” was all about celebrities, and “SPORTSLAND” delved into athletes who got mixed up in true crime. Jake also hosted the series “Dead and Gone” about Grateful Dead concert fans going missing or getting killed over the years.

For more podcasts from Jake, check out “Blood on the Tracks,” “27 Club,” “Dear Young Rocker,” “Here Comes the Break,” and the true crime series “Armored.”

Tune into new episodes of “DISGRACELAND” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Disgraceland’

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