‘Just the Gist’ is spoon-feeding you only the need-to-know bits of the best stories from true crime to celebrity gossip

Comedy May 10, 2022
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“Just the Gist” is a weekly podcast hosted Rosie Waterland and Jacob Stanley that covers just the juiciest details of fascinating stories that our two hosts think you should know. With a mix of wide-ranging topics and breaking news, this podcast is telling you just the need-to-knows of the need-to-knows.

Whether you’re looking for some stories that would impress any dinner party guest, or you’re looking to ace your next round of bar trivia, or you simply need something stimulating to get you through the day, you’ve come to the right place.

Start streaming any of the over 120 episodes of “Just the Gist” in any order you please. Every episode is typically an hour long (give or take 20 minutes), and the weekly story could be anything from true crime to celebrity drama, conspiracy theories, politics, scandals, or iconic figures from history. You can catch new episodes of this podcast on Fridays.

On this podcast, you’ll hear everything but the boring bits. You’ll hear fascinating stories like the Leonardo Da Vinci painting that sold for nearly half a billion dollars at auction, only for everyone to find out that the painting had been found in a garage and was originally sold for $1,100.

Or hear the bizarre, nearly-to-the-letter Gone Girl case of Sherri Papini, who vanished while on a jog one day in 2016. Her husband, Keith Papini, organized massive search efforts and brought massive media attention to her disappearance, only for her to mysteriously reappear three weeks later battered, bruised, hair chopped off, and a chain around her waist.

She claimed she had been abducted by two ‘Hispanic women’ who were going to sex traffic her, but she managed to escape. It felt fishy to plenty of people, and by 2022, the FBI had fully unraveled her tale.

Hear stories like Rudy Kurniawan’s who tricked millionaires into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on homemade wine, passing it off as the fanciest, most exclusive wine in the world. Hear about the delightfully named Hillbilly Heist of 1997 and the woman who fell in love with a dolphin. Hear about the incredible Nancy Wake, a World War II nurse, journalist, and overall badass.

Whether these are stories you’ve heard before, like the 2019 College Admissions Scandal, or stories you’ve never been graced with, like the disappearance of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt, you’ll learn something new from every episode of “Just the Gist.” Fans of podcasts like “You’re Wrong About” and “Stuff You Should Know” will definitely find that this podcast fits perfectly in their niche. Also, we love that Rosie and Jacob give us the timecode for where the story starts – not that we don’t love their banter.

All of this, paired with breaking pop culture news and two hilarious hosts with the liveliest chemistry, makes “Just the Gist” perfect for anyone on the hunt for a new podcast that’ll keep them entertained and in-the-know. These two Aussies are hilarious, fabulous storytellers, and an all around good time. From controversial figures to scandalous happenings, you’ll get “Just the Gist” with this podcast.

Listen to ‘Just the Gist’

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