Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Stephanie Beatriz, and more speak with their vocal coach on ‘Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro’

Music February 7, 2022
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When you’ve taught the biggest singers in the world how to hone their craft and shoot them to superstardom, the least you can expect is a backstage pass to their shows. Eric Vetro’s client list is like no other: he’s coached Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, John Legend, P!nk, Hugh Jackman, Kristin Chenoweth, and probably most other singers you can think of. But, what truly makes him special is that he not only plays the part of vocal coach, but also of therapist, because it takes a lot in order to sing in front of millions. And now, he is bringing us into his world with “Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro.”

This Pushkin podcast began releasing episodes weekly at the start of October 2021, having just surpassed 10 episodes. Each episode is a half hour with one of his clients, ranging from 20-time GRAMMY award winning Colombian singer Juanes, to the inimitable Ariana Grande, to longtime star John Legend.

Every one of his clients has come to him with different problems, goals, and abilities. Stephanie Beatriz, who still has trouble calling herself an actor and singer, came to him for help auditioning for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights. She explains how she’s never had trouble using her voice when it came to acting: she’s done a number of voice-acting roles for animated films and shows like The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part and Q-Force, and she drops her voice quite a bit to play Rosa Diaz, her character in Brooklyn 99.

But while working on Encanto, where she voices main character and newest Disney princess Mirabel Madrigal, she got a little surprise. In the middle of recording songs for the film, she found out she was pregnant. The surprise guest greatly altered her breathing, and the two discuss how they worked with the new boarder.

Guests on “Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro” usually bring us back to where they got their starts. Many found that they first encountered obstacles as early as middle school, with unsupportive teachers or peers. They work through what typically boils down to confidence, overcoming stage fright and anxiety like Shawn Mendes’. Vetro’s conversation with John Legend touches on preserving his voice for his lengthy career as well as his favorite falsetto singers.

With Vanessa Hudgens, the two talk about her preparation for Tick, Tick… Boom! and the versatility of her voice, which has been heard on Broadway, in movies, and on television shows. Chloe Bailey speaks about being the world’s biggest Beyoncé fan to becoming one of the first artists signed to Beyoncé’s new production company. With Rosalía, they discuss her intense work ethic and perfectionism, as well as her performance at the 2019 GRAMMY Awards, which happened shortly after a death in her family.

Truly, “Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro” is more than meets the eye. Like in any profession, there’s no relationship quite like one with a coach, teacher, or mentor. Vetro learns these people inside and out: what makes them nervous, what makes them confident, what they need to succeed. He swaps stories of childhood, family, and relationships with them; it’s easy to see how he’s been able to pull his A-list clientele into the studio to record this podcast. Also, along the way, you’ll definitely be learning the vocal tips and tricks the greatest singers on the planet are using.

Listen to ‘Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro’

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