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Business December 30, 2021
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Social Media Examiner presents “Social Media Marketing Podcast,” a weekly series hosted by Michael Stelzner. This show helps entrepreneurs and people looking to efficiently market their products or services on platforms by sharing strategies, tips, and interviews with marketing experts. If you’re searching for advice on all aspects of social media marketing, Michael’s episodes have you covered.

Since 2012, the “Social Media Marketing Podcast” has released over 495 episodes. Hear episodes averaging under an hour long. Tune into the series in any order, since each episode focuses on a specific topic.

Recent episodes covered Instagram ad tactics, YouTube ads, Amazon live videos, upping views on YouTube, how to create an Instagram strategy that works, and how to sell on Instagram live. There are a bunch of episodes on TikTok, such as using the platform to grow your business, creating TikTok videos that connect with your audience, and leveraging TikTok trends for brands, just to name a few topics.

A recent episode explored how to create a podcast and develop an audience that trusts you. Other episodes discussed using LinkedIn to share content and how to improve your email campaigns. Some episodes used psychology and science-based data toward marketing such as the persuasion science episode with Dr. Robert Cialdini. Listeners will hear about branding in interviews with video strategist Salma Jafri and designer Kat Coroy. There are episodes on analyzing your marketing and interpreting the behavior of your site’s visitors with Google Analytics.

When Michael, host of “Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein” stopped by Podsauce, he shared that he learns from podcast picks like “Social Media Marketing Podcast” that share tips to grow businesses.

“Social Media Marketing Podcast” host Michael Stelzner founded Social Media Examiner in 2009, a marketing resource. He wrote Launch and Writing White Papers, and created the Social Media Marketing World conference. Michael also hosts the weekly podcast, “Social Media Marketing Talk Show.”

Check out new episodes of “Social Media Marketing Podcast” wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Social Media Marketing Podcast’

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