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True Crime September 29, 2021
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Matt Unsworth and Simon Bruyn host “Heist Podcast,” a hilarious take on true crime covering modern heists, classics from history, scams, robberies, and their outcomes. Who is getting tracked down today? Each episode shares the latest theft news then dives into full-blown heist schemes. The stories range from cringe-worthy to seriously disturbing. And with how the stories are formatted by Matt and Simon, they might steal a laugh or two.

When Leroy Luna from the true crime podcast, “Excuse Me, That’s Illegal” chatted with Podsauce, he shared that “Heist Podcast” is one of his favorite shows. Excellent choice, Leroy!

On a recent episode of “Heist Podcast,” listeners learned about Lil Uzi Vert’s unfortunate crowd surfing experience. After saving money for a $24 million pink diamond to be surgically embedded in his forehead, it was pulled out by fans when he leapt into the crowd at the Rolling Loud festival. He managed to get away with the diamond, and luckily did not sustain any major injuries.

What happens when a Department of Justice prosecutor starts serially robbing? What about a Microsoft customer service representative who stole $10 million+ worth of gift certificates from his employer? And then there’s Blane Nordah, Michael Jackson’s best friend’s son, a robber whose taste for theft targeted wealthy celebrities like Bruce Springsteen, Steven Spielberg, the Trumps, and more. What he stole, you’d least expect. Is there a Mormon mafia? These are the sorts of stories “Heist Podcast” runs with.

Da Brain ninja-trained the ConRail Boyz to steal ’90s duds

We recently heard about the ConRail Boyz, contemporary train robbers from New Jersey. Before robbing trains, one of the Boyz, Edward Mongon, started with petty theft, then moved onto trains. He realized that New Jersey was a high-traffic zone transporting merchandise to New York City, and a prime location for stealing stuff. ConRail train depot became his target.

Edward broke into a train, stole a train radio, and began cracking the code words used by train dispatchers to signal when and where cargo would pass, and figure out what goodies they were carrying. One day, Edward heard a major shipment was coming in and knew it was his perfect opportunity. He compiled a team and assigned them tasks to help pull off what would be one of his first major heists.

Consisting of a surveillance team to look out for police, a guy in charge of jumper cables to reroute the electric fence’s electricity, and a dude to cut a hole and get inside, the team was ready. The rail car was located and the Boyz cleared the train and escaped in their getaway car. Edward was so pleased with the heist’s success that he got custom beanies made for his squad reading “CRB.” And yes, Edward added the “z” to Boyz himself! Since the operation was his idea, he nicknamed himself “Da Brain” and added that moniker to his beanie. Da Brain wanted his crew to be fully equipped, so he ran ninja-style training programs to whip them into shape. He orchestrated use of special cell phones, night vision goggles, and more tactical equipment for the heists.

Over their train heist history, the Boyz stole millions of dollars worth of ’90s merch classics like wide-legged JNCO Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger threads, and Oakley sunglasses.

Around Hoboken, the Boyz were in full swing and evaded police. More trains were robbed and police presence escalated, making it more difficult for the Boyz to steal from the depot. Trains would receive police escorts to and from stations and then they moved to car robberies around the area. In 1999, Da Brain decided they could avoid police entirely by ninja-jumping trains in motion! They had the process down to such a science, that the crew expanded and pulled off more heists for the next 3 years until police tracked down Da Brain. What happened when he was arrested? Did the heists continue by his loyal crew members?

With over 190 episodes, you’ll surely learn some takeaway facts about some of the greatest heists of all time. Tune in for new, weekly episodes.

Listen to ‘Heist Podcast’

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