‘Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay’ is unpacking today’s buzziest current events

Society & Culture November 16, 2021
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Listen to ‘Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay’

Take a lawyer-turned-Bachelorette, add a strident media personality, and you’ll get a passionate, hilarious podcast called “Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay.” Sitting right at the intersection of pop culture and politics with a sprinkle of sports comes this timely podcast that we need to be talking about.

Producer, host and media personality Van Lathan has met his match in attorney and former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. In their Ringer podcast “Higher Learning” the two wade into the biggest topics in Black culture, politics and sports. Twice a week, they prove to have their fingers on the pulse as they talk about the newest headlines and controversies making waves across America.

Coming to us as a recommendation from the hosts of the “Boss Lady Energy Podcast,” “Higher Learning” is all about the education. Lindsay and Lathan are keeping us up to date on the news you’ve heard and the news you may have missed, whether it be the Aaron Rodgers controversy or the newest White House happenings.

You may know Lathan from his time at TMZ, famously confronting Kanye West in 2018 after West’s strange comments about American slavery. Lindsay, of course, rose to fame on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor before becoming the first Black Bachelorette in the show’s long (outdated) history. She’s gone on to become a media personality as a correspondent for Extra, host of the ESPN radio show “Football Frenzy” with former Cowboys linebacker Bobby Carpenter, and is now hosting “Higher Learning” alongside Lathan.

They are talking about news from Kyrie Irving to Aaron Rodgers, to Florida students protesting racism at their university and the trials of Kyle Rittenhouse and the McMichaels. “Higher Learning” premiered in May 2020, shortly after the death of George Floyd, which, while it’s an extremely heavy episode, was the introductory episode to what this podcast was going to be about. With the reinvigoration of the Black Lives Matter movement in mainstream media, George Floyd’s murder was what pushed them towards making this a Black-centric podcast. They do not shy away from weighty and demanding topics, instead facing the news of the week head on.

While the two do make a dream team, they also aren’t afraid to debate each other about when they disagree. As they like to put it, it’s a friendly cultural argument over the Thanksgiving table. “Higher Learning” is always timely, educational, and above all else, entertaining. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on the barrage of news we receive on the daily, look no further than “Higher Education with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay.”

Listen to ‘Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay’

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