‘Hip-Hop Made’ honors the genre’s first 50 years with icons like RUN-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels

Music February 17, 2023
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In 2023, Audacy is honoring the first 50 years of hip-hop with the new series, “Hip-Hop Made.” What started at a Bronx, NYC party in the 1970s has a rich history and continues impact the world as a global medium. The genre continues to evolve and soar as an expression of identities, politics, and emotions.

1010 WINS’ “Beyond Black History Month” host Femi Redwood joined the podcast’s premiere episode to trace hip-hop’s history and celebrate the artistry. The first episode explored DJ Kool Herc’s seminal party in 1973, the link between protest poetry and hip-hop, and a variety of contributing factors that helped hip-hop’s growth like South Bronx’s fires in the 1970s.

Stream the podcast from episode 1 to hear hip-hop’s fascinating roots alongside interviews with the genre’s pioneers and others on the movement’s forefront, like RUN-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels, Ed Lover, Greg Mack, and more guests. They’re sharing first-hand insight on what started the music and culture. The series adds daily bite-sized clips to the podcast’s feed as the special guests walk down memory lane and dish on favorite songs, the first lyrics they learned, first concerts, hip-hop’s significance, and more tidbits that kickstarted fans’ lifelong love of the genre.

You’ll hear from Power actor Joseph Sikora speaking about the changes in Chicago hip-hop scene and what he defined as his “‘this is hip-hop’ moment.” In other clips, Latto shares Atlanta hip-hop’s influence, how she was introduced to hip-hop, and why she fell in love with it.

Akon explained what hip-hop means, the song that made him adore the style, and how he bridges the international hip-hop gap. Bebe Rexha also recently shared some of the first songs and artists that made her appreciate the genre, in addition to the first hip-hop show she remembered, and how Missy Elliott inspired her.

Tune in for new episodes of “Hip-Hop Made” on Audacy.

Listen to ‘Hip-Hop Made’

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