Hot dogs and history: celebrate Independence Day with these 7 podcasts

round up June 28, 2022

Fire up the grill and remember history this July with a combo platter of podcasts – because food and history-themed shows are the ultimate, celebratory crossover event this Independence Day at Podsauce.

For lively and comical food-centric debates, check out “A Hot Dog is a Sandwich.” Based on the wildly-popular TV show, “The Food That Built America” explores visionaries and industry leaders that rose to prominence and influenced the nation’s tastes like Henry Heinz, Milton Hershey, and the Kellogg brothers.

Dive into America’s pivotal moments with podcasts like “History is US,” “Hope, Through History,” or “American History Tellers.” Have a safe holiday weekend, everyone. And happy streaming!

A Hot Dog is a Sandwich podcast art

A Hot Dog is a Sandwich

Listen to ‘A Hot Dog is a Sandwich’

“A Hot Dog is a Sandwich” unpacks the world’s biggest food quandaries with special guests like Hank Green, Mica Burton, and Danny Palumbo. Is the ocean technically a soup? Is cold brew coffee a scam? What does your favorite cocktail say about you? On this Mythical podcast hosted by chefs Josh Scherer and Nicole Hendizadeh, join the hilariously controversial culinary discussions and debates on your favorite foods.

History is US image

History is US

Listen to ‘History is US’

C13Originals and Jon Meacham‘s Shining City Audio presents “History is US,” a 6-part audio documentary examining America’s critical moments from history. Host, scholar, and author Dr. Eddie S. Glaude is joined by guests to tackle 1 topic each episode and shares context for present times. Check out episodes on the Civil Rights Movement, the Reconstruction, Jim Crow laws, Barack Obama’s presidential election, the January 6th Capitol riot, the racially-motivated shooting in Buffalo, and how these events can inform the future.

American History Tellers image

American History Tellers

Listen to ‘American History Tellers’

Wondery’s “American History Tellers” host Lindsay Graham (not the Senator FYI), has been doling out history lessons while exploring times, events, and people that shaped the nation. The series examines how history affected these foundational folks, their families, and you in our modern era. Episodes deep-dive into wars, American traitors like John Wilkes Booth, times like the Great Depression, the Gold Rush, the Space Race, and the Roaring Twenties.

History That Doesn't Suck podcast art

History That Doesn’t Suck

Listen to ‘History That Doesn’t Suck’

Prof. Greg Jackson delivers “History That Doesn’t Suck” in bi-weekly episodes. Tune in for over 130 informative episodes filled with humor, special guests like Prof. Ryan Vogel, and entertaining stories. Recent episodes covered Teddy Roosevelt & Conservationism, the Age of Imperialism, and The Philippine-American War – just to name a few.

Hope, Through History image

Hope, Through History

Listen to ‘Hope, Through History’

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author Jon Meacham hosts C13Originals’ “Hope, Through History.” Episodes highlight America’s pivotal moments, how the nation deals with challenges, and the lasting impacts of events. In season 2, Meacham brings listeners through the Battle of Gettysburg, FDR and Churchill’s path to war, the HIV/AIDS crisis, the Lusitania’s sinking, Bloody Sunday, and the Voting Rights Act. Season 1 covered the Polio epidemic, FDR and The Great Depression, JFK and The Cuban Missile Crisis, and much more.

The Food that Built America podcast art

The Food That Built America

Listen to ‘The Food That Built America’

The HISTORY Channel’s “The Food That Built America” is based on the hit TV show, sharing stories of industry pioneers like Henry Heinz, the Kellogg brothers, Milton Hershey, Debbi Fields, and more. Hear about father/son duo John and Alex McCullough who popularized soft serve ice cream and opened Dairy Queen in 1940. In another episode, learn about Frederick Pabst’s journey from a shipwrecked steamboat captain to becoming a brewery owner and producing American lager.

National Parks Traveler Podcast

Listen to ‘National Parks Traveler Podcast’

Kurt Repanshek’s “National Parks Traveler Podcast” is celebrating the great outdoors and covering national parks and protected areas on weekly episodes. Tune in for news, features, debates, and conversations on topics like wild environments, birding, surviving COVID-19 at Yosemite, music inspired by the parks, and more in over 180 episodes.

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