My, my! How can you resist these ABBA podcasts!?

Music November 5, 2021

Ooh! You can dance. You can jive. Having the time of your life while tuning into these ABBA podcasts if you’re as jazzed as we are at Podsauce for the supergroup’s eagerly-awaited comeback. You probably already know that ABBA is an acronym for the members’ names: Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. ABBA’s new record, Voyage, is their first new release in forty years!

Since Voyage dropped on November 5, check out these ABBA podcasts if you want to brush up on your ABBA knowledge or learn about the legendary Swedish group’s songwriting. On our list, we’ve selected podcasts featuring Björn Ulvaeus on hit-making, inspiration, and the music industry. There are several podcast episodes unpacking why their songs are ear-worms, diving into music arrangements, maximalist production, and the studio wizardry they continue to deliver.

Here’s our complete list of ABBA podcasts. And on behalf of all of us at Podsauce, thank you for the music, ABBA, the songs we’re (forever) singing.

Switched on Pop

Listen to ‘Why ABBA songs just hit differently’ on ‘Switched on Pop’

“Switched on Pop’s” musicologists and hosts Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding unpack the magic of ABBA’s bangers like “Super Trouper,” “Dancing Queen,” and “Mamma Mia,” and explore why their songs are just so compelling. They love contrasting darkness with light. Nate and Charlie draw connections from the catchiness of “Mamma Mia’s” “My My” hook to modern pop songs and played examples including BTS’ “Boy With Luv” and Troye Sivan’s “My My My!” And we learn that a “Super Trouper” is actually a branded type of stage spotlight. Nate and Charlie also dissect ABBA’s new singles, “Don’t Shut Me Down” and “I Still Have Faith in You.” This series is presented by New York Magazine.

TED Talks Daily

Listen to ‘How music streaming transformed songwriting | Björn Ulvaeus’ on ‘TED Talks Daily’

Björn Ulvaeus spoke at TedxSSE in July 2021 about the music industry’s economy and how streaming changed songwriting. He dove into the music business, broke down the distribution of royalties, and proposed solutions for the industry to better benefit creators. Björn emphasized the consequences of this economic model, where the breakdown leaves little money for songwriters and artists, the driving forces behind the business.

Slate Culture

Listen to ‘Slate Culture Gabfest: Dancing Queen’

Tune in around the 21-minute mark of this “Slate Culture” episode to hear about ABBA. Hosts Steve and Dana were joined by music critic Carl Wilson to discuss ABBA’s return after reviewing the thriller, Last Night in Soho. Chris Molanphy from Slate’s “Hit Parade” podcast then talked about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Chris voted on 2021’s ballot. In 2010, ABBA was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The hosts endorsed Marshall Crenshaw’s live cover of ABBA’s “Knowing Me, Knowing You” from the 1980s and encouraged listeners to check out the Swedish indie band, The Amazing. The panel also shared their favorite ABBA songs.

Strong Songs

Listen to ‘Dancing Queen by ABBA’ on ‘Strong Songs’

“Strong Songs” is hosted by Kirk Hamilton to unpack artists’ robust musical contributions. Kirk devoted an entire episode to ABBA’s 1976 super-smash hit, “Dancing Queen,” from their fourth studio album, Arrival. He explored the song’s magical arrangement, motifs, rich harmonies, and lush audio production. The song was written by Benny Anderson (piano), Björn Ulvaeus (guitar), and Stig Anderson (longtime producer).

Eurovision Legends

Listen to ‘ABBA’ on ‘Eurovision Legends’

This “Eurovision Legends'” episode is a two-part installation about ABBA. Host Emil Löfström delves into the history of the Eurovision Song Contest in episodes and shares related artists. In both episodes, ABBA expert Carl Magnus Palm explores ABBA’s influence on Eurovision. The second episode unpacks ABBA’s Eurovision win with “Waterloo” in 1974, drama with their manager “Stikkan” Andersson, what happened at 1981’s Melodifestivalen, and more. Carl also shares what his favorite ABBA songs are, his thoughts on Voyage, and what the individual members were doing in their “time off.”

The Economist Asks

Listen to ‘Björn from ABBA’ on ‘The Economist Asks’

The Economist’s senior editor, Anne McElvoy, hosts “The Economist Asks,” a weekly series interviewing bright minds. On this episode, Anne asks Björn how a pop singer “takes it all.” Björn discusses ABBA’s impact over time, the melancholy song concepts intertwined with jolly arrangements, and the songwriting process. He contemplates how he’d tackle songs differently with the #MeToo movement, and which songs needed lyrical changes. And Björn discussed Mamma Mia’s film franchise and the Broadway production.


Listen to ‘Voulez-Vous’

“Voulez-Vous” is all about ABBA. While its last update was in 2018, hosts Kate, Steve, and Zach mix facts with their own opinions on the supergroup. They covered Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and their unforgettable trip to the ABBA Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. The hosts shared their opinions on ABBA’s records like Voulez-Vous, Live at Wembley, Super Trouper, and ABBA GOLD, just to name a few. All episodes are now streaming.


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