“I want to be alive 😈”: 7 podcasts and episodes all about AI

Technology February 19, 2023

With the rise of rise of new technologies like ChatGPT, the AI-powered chatbot, it’s natural to wonder what’s next and how such innovations will impact the world. We’ve gathered several podcasts and episodes all about artificial intelligence.

Tune in for conversations with developers, inventors, founders, and users. There are episodes discussing AI news, machine learning, asking moral questions, and issues associated with technology. Scroll through to check out these informative and thought-provoking podcasts and episodes.

Hard Fork podcast art

Hard Fork

Listen to ‘Hard Fork’

The New York Times‘ “Hard Fork” is a series all about the future and the “wild frontier of tech.” Recent episodes talked about the origins of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an artist taking generative A.I. to court, and what happens when A.I. turns into a reporter. Other episodes explored if ChatGPT can create a podcast, interviewed the creator of Stability AI, Emad Mostaque, and shared AI news.

In Machines We Trust 

Listen to ‘In Machines We Trust’

MIT Technology Review unpacks the daily impact technology and artificial intelligence have on our lives. Host Jennifer Strong interviews inventors and founders developing new AI about technology’s power. Check out new, weekly episodes.

The TWIML AI Podcast

Listen to ‘The TWIML AI Podcast’

Industry analyst, speaker, commentator, and thought leader Sam Charrington delves into how machine learning and AI change people’s lives and businesses’ operations. “The TWIML AI Podcast ” welcomes bright minds discussing machine learning and artificial intelligence. Episodes tackle deep learning, neural networks, computer science, data science, analytics, and much more.

The Ezra Klein Show podcast art

The Ezra Klein Show

Listen to ‘The Ezra Klein Show’

On the episode “Is A.I. the Problem? Or Are We?” Ezra Klein revisits some of his favorite convos about artificial intelligence. Hear from Brian Christian about his book Alignment Problem – he’s asking moral questions about AI and considering if humans might have created something that could harm us in the future.

The Gradient Podcast

Listen to ‘The Gradient Podcast’

“The Gradient Podcast” interviews an assortment of people – academics, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs – who build, research, or use AI.


Listen to ‘Cortex’

On Relay FM’s “Cortex,” content creators CGP Greg and Myke Hurley speak about their work lives. They’re talking about apps, AI, and more in over 130 episodes.

Making Sense with Sam Harris art

Making Sense with Sam Harris

Listen to ‘Making Sense with Sam Harris’

“Making Sense with Sam Harris” has plenty of episodes on technology. In “Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence | Episode 1,” Sam spoke with decision theorist and artificial-intelligence researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky about possible dangers of AI, and concepts like Artificial General Intelligence, Narrow Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Super Intelligence. We’ll also hear from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, psychologist Alison Gopnik, and psychologist Paul Bloom about AI and the future.

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