If you like ‘Anna Faris Is Unqualified,’ you’ll like ‘Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins’

Comedy October 27, 2021
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Listen to ‘Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins’

You’ve heard of late night talk shows, now get ready for late night podcasts. “Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins” is talking about the week’s biggest stories every Thursday with celebrities like Matt Rogers, Ben Schwartz, Paul Scheer, Flula Borg and more. In one-on-one (and the occasional two-on-one) interviews, Michelle Collins’ long-form late night podcast will be your new celebrity podcast go-to.

Suggested on this week’s episode of Podsauce in our “If You Like, You’ll Like That…” segment, Dax and Alesha think that if you are a fan of “Anna Faris is Unqualified,” then “Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins” will also tickle your fancy. Much like Anna Faris’ celebrity talk show podcast, Collins’ is sitting down to have hilarious interviews about celebrities lives, careers, and obsessions. With just a splash of pop culture news to top it off, “Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins” is definitely a top choice for anyone looking for a new celebrity interview podcast.

Collins, known for her time hosting The View and The Michelle Collins Show, is utterly hilarious with a sharper wit than anyone else in comedy. Stories of her daily life and commentary on current events will have your funny bone sore the next day. From her exotic apartment finds as she packs to move to a psychoanalysis at dinner, Collins let’s it all loose on her show.

Recently, she chatted with Paul Scheer (The League, “How Did This Get Made?”) about the peaks and valleys of the Tony Awards, Squid Game (because who isn’t talking about it?) and scattering her ashes in a Target. For a truly hilarious episode, Ira Madison and Louis Virtel joined her to dishing on everything Hollywood, like Wendy Williams and Mayim Bialik, to the current state of comedy. Or, if none of that caught your eye, what about conversations on cultural dating differences and depressed miniature horses? Because you can hear all about that in her episode recorded live at the London Podcast Fest.

Not only is “Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins” a great reprieve from reality, but she is having interviews with celebrities that you literally cannot hear anywhere else. You won’t need to be exercising anymore with the ab workout Michelle is about to give your gut. One listen and you will be tracking down all of the Michelle Collins content you can find. So check out “Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins” and laugh till your face hurts.

Listen to ‘Midnight Snack with Michelle Collins’

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