‘IMPACT x Nightline’ goes straight to the source for in-depth reporting on hard-hitting stories

News October 31, 2022
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ABC News’ new podcast “IMPACT x Nightline” features audio versions from the TV show that showcases standout stories, news, and investigative reports on a variety of topics around the world. Start the weekly podcast from the most recent release to catch up on news or learn about stories everyone will soon be talking about. Episodes share insight beyond headlines you might already be familiar with and offer underreported sides of stories.

“IMPACT x Nightline” hits the ground running in under an hour per episode, going “straight to the source” for in-depth reporting. Tune in for episodes covering societal issues and diving into stories such as tragedies and crimes to businesses, mysteries, murders, American nostalgia, dealing with issues, and more. This series will profile newsmakers, share celebrity interviews, and highlight people who are impacted by a wide range of issues.

An episode titled “Before Columbine & Climate Conservatives” detailed the case study of a high school shooting 25 years later. The same episode talked about climate conservatives and others on a mission to save the planet, some unlikely heroes of the climate change movement.

Another episode trekked to the “Caffeine Jungle,” explored the remote Chiapas, Mexico, and dove into the world of ethically-certified coffee.

When the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, a documentary-style episode looked at the implemented bans and rolled back laws. This episode discussed abortion rights, the aftermath of the Dobbs decision, and interviewed people from all sides of the story including pro- and anti-abortion rights groups, young mothers, families, healthcare providers, abortion clinics, and more. This episode featured Emmy Award-winning ABC News Congressional Correspondent Rachel Scott.

Fans of podcasts like “First Person” might also enjoy “IMPACT x Nightline.” Tune in for new podcast episodes on Thursdays right after the “IMPACT x Nightline” TV show airs on Hulu.

Listen to ‘Impact x Nightline’

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