‘In the Red Clay: Durham’ investigates a triple homicide case from 1972

True Crime January 7, 2023
In the Red Clay
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From his Dixie Mafia involvement in the 1972 murders of the Durham Family in North Carolina, Billy Sunday Birt was historically one of Georgia’s most notorious residents. In February 2022, North Carolina’s law enforcement officials announced that this 50-year-old unsolved triple homicide case was closed.

Billy Wayne Davis and 3 other men (including Birt) were tied to the murders after Davis – already serving a life sentence in prison – confessed to his involvement in the crime. He allegedly served as the getaway driver for the men he claimed were hired as hitmen – but this was only a sliver of the full story as explored this season of “In the Red Clay: Durham.”

51-year-old Bryce Durham, his 44-year-old wife Virginia, and their son, 18-year-old Bobby were murdered in 1972, a case that puzzled law enforcement in and the public alike while stirring up countless theories.

Stream the 2 seasons from episode 1 to hear the case’s background and learn all new details up to present day in podcast form. Season 2 is filled with 6 episodes, released through December.

In the second season of “In the Red Clay: Durham,” host Sean Kipe investigates this unsolved case as new information is uncovered through interviews with investigators, law enforcement, and victims’ family members the case unravels. While Billy Sunday Birt and the Dixie Mafia were held accountable, Kipe examines if there are other sides to the story. In episode 2, we hear from Stoney who shares why he believes his father is not culpable for the Durham murders and also wonders if the Dixie Mafia was actually involved.

Among officials involved in the case, Kipe interviewed the sheriff who closed the Durham case and offers insight. There was another suspect investigated who was said to have placed the hit on the Durham family. Kipe looks into Dixie Mafia member Billy Wayne Davis’ past.

We recommend this podcast for fans of investigative shows like “Over My Dead Body” and “Gone South‘s” second season that explored the Dixie Mafia.

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