Influencers and famous twins Karina & Mayra Garcia are taking you through your 20s on lifestyle podcast ‘Chins & Giggles’

Society & Culture April 7, 2022
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Social media influencer twins Karina & Mayra Garcia are chuckling into the podcast space with “Chins & Giggles.” You might recognize the popular duo’s names, Slime Queen and Mayra Touch of Glam, as content creators on Instagram and YouTube. On the podcast, peek into the entrepreneurs‘ daily lives with behind-the-scenes takes, lifestyle tips, and advice. The two twenty-somethings will share their struggles and host real conversations where any topic is fair game.

If you’re familiar with the twins, start “Chins & Giggles” in any order. New, weekly episodes run less than an hour so far. Aside from a handful of YouTube videos, this series is the twins’ first collaborative project, and they reveal they wanted to start a podcast for over a decade. The twins agree their voices sound almost the same, but in the first episode, they explain their distinguishing vocal characteristics. Karina says her voice is slightly deeper and more monotone than Mayra’s, so listeners can recognize who’s talking.

Karina is known for DIY videos, vlogging, tutorials (including slime), and more. Mayra has her beauty and vlog channels, and has been on YouTube since 2012. They both recently started posting on TikTok.

On the premiere episode, Karina and Mayra reminisced about growing up together and introduced listeners to a bunch of random lingo they throw into everyday conversations. Karina and Mayra said they were super shy, sensitive, and awkward as kids, and their friends were surprised to hear about their channels. The twins dove into their social media beginnings, YouTubing, and facing a sort of overnight success.

They shared anecdotes like getting acrylic nails done for the first time in middle school and wearing gloves to avoid attention. And they dished on their first experiences with make-up, insecurities, making lipsticks by mixing different products together, and getting their eyebrows micro-bladed.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Chins & Giggles,” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Chins & Giggles’

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