Ashley Flowers’ ‘International Infamy’ analyzes high profile murder cases from around the globe

True Crime November 16, 2021
International Infamy
Listen to ‘International Infamy with Ashley Flowers’

From the woman who ushered us into the golden era of true crime podcasts with her hit “Crime Junkie” comes a 15-part world tour of true crime with “International Infamy.” Ashley Flowers’ newest gig with Spotify’s Parcast takes a tour of some of the most notorious crimes committed across countries and cultures.

“International Infamy” tells the stories of the cases that have inspired countless episodes of shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS, from the UK’s Jack the Ripper to the Little Old Lady Killer of Mexico City. Also the host of Parcast’s “Supernatural with Ashley Flowers” podcast, Flowers is proving herself to be the reigning queen of true crime with her soothing narrator voice and storytelling expertise.

It’s the cultural details of each story that make them unique. Like the kidnapping of Freddy Heineken, the billionaire heir to, yes, that popular beer company. Not only did the case garner national attention, nor did the kidnappers manage to hide the money and return to it once they returned from short prison stints, but one of them went on to become the Netherlands’ most notorious crime boss.

In Iceland, you’ll hear about the Reykjavik Confessions, a complex missing-person-turned-murder case in which there were two dead people, six confessions, and no bodies. Or hear about the infamous Australian case that turned a plea for help into punchline, accusing a mother of murder and not having law enforcement even look into the possibility of a wild animal killing a small child.

For true crime aficionados, “International Infamy” is the purest form of true crime that Flowers excels at. With episodes averaging at just half an hour, it’s an easy listening binge about the highest profile cases by country, typically from the 20th century. From law enforcement fumbles to striking disbelief into the public’s mind, these crimes shaped the world as we know it.

Listen to ‘International Infamy with Ashley Flowers’

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