‘Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast’ is the companion listen for Netflix’s show based on Anna Sorokin’s story

TV & Film March 5, 2022
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Listen to ‘Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast’

“Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast” is the companion listen to Netflix‘s wildly popular series about the notorious fake German heiress, Anna Sorokin. This con artist befriended and swindled New York’s elite, scamming individuals, banks, restaurants, and hotels. On the podcast, hear from Inventing Anna’s creator, cast, crew, and real-life people portrayed on screen, such as journalist Jessica Pressler, who published Anna’s story in New York Magazine in May 2018. Listeners will also hear from real people who got entangled with Anna in real life.

The first episode dropped on March 2, and we’d recommend streaming the podcast from episode one. So far, episodes are under 40 minutes each. The series is hosted by Stacey Wilson Hunt, bringing listeners behind-the-scenes stories in conversations each week.

In episode 1, Stacey chatted with showrunner and creator Shonda Rhimes. She discussed her creative process when adapting a true story in real time. Shonda described how she developed Anna’s character for a limited series and why she was inspired to unravel the show’s storyline through a journalist’s perspective on-screen. She dished on some of her favorite scenes to shoot, including Vivian’s group of misfits in Scriberia.

Later on, Stacey and Shonda spoke with Jessica. People were enthralled by Jessica’s investigative reporting in the New York Magazine piece about the 27-year-old Anna Delvey, a.k.a. Anna Sorokin. Shonda first read the New York Magazine story while she was on vacation in 2018 and was compelled to adapt it into a series. Jessica explained why she was drawn to report Anna’s unique story, working with Shonda on the show as a producer, and shared what Anna was like in person when they met.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast.” All 9 episodes of Inventing Anna are now streaming on Netflix, and the show stars Anna Chlumsky, Julia Garner, and Arian Moayed. This podcast is brought to you by iHeartPodcasts.

Listen to ‘Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast’

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