It’s National Dog Day, and we’re celebrating by listening to ‘Dog Edition’

Education August 26, 2021
Listen to ‘Dog Edition’

We’re thrilled to celebrate National Dog Day at Podsauce! Today, we’re showing appreciation for our favorite furry friends with one of our top dog picks, “Dog Edition.” Feel free to listen along with your fur baby. No puppy, no problem! This podcast is a “paw-sitively” great listen for animal-lovers alike, or if you’re thinking of adopting a dog in the future.

Hosted by James Jacobson, Caroline Winter, and Pamela Lawrence, “Dog Edition,” is brought to you by the Dog Podcast Network. Episodes share stories that can perfectly coincide with the next time you’re taking your dog for a walk. The podcasts’ stories hope to inspire, inform, and entertain listeners to help dog owners create an even more fun-tastic environment for their pets. In the series, the hosts will speak with dog experts, journalists, scientists, canine whisperers, pet detectives, and petpreneurs, among other guests. Every episode features a “Hydrant Segment” that recaps the latest dog-related news.

There are so many interesting dog-related concepts and tips to tackle on “Dog Edition.” Can dogs cool down this summer with ice cream? Ben & Jerry have some tasty doggie dessert options. Do dogs have to take COVID tests? Listeners will hear about robotic guide dog innovations for the blind. Did you know that Tesla cars are equipped with Dog Mode, to ensure their comfort when riding? Pet sitters are featured on several episodes to confess some of their most awkward moments on the job, such as a sneaky dog unleashing himself during a walk and running faaaaaar away! Another episode examines if you can scientifically prove your dog is a genius. How can your dog’s poo track you? Listeners will learn answers to these questions and more in weekly episodes.

Author Dean Koontz recently appeared on “Dog Edition” to speak about his greatest muse and companion, Trixie. In his extensive career, Dean has written 105+ suspense novels and stories. Dean’s fascination with dogs started early in life, and he included dogs as characters way before he adopted one in his adult years. Growing up, his family homed a few dogs. Dean had a near-death experience with his family’s dog as a five-year-old, where the leash almost strangled him to death.

Dean’s book, Watchers, centers on genetically-altered animals. In the emotional narrative, a Delta force operator contemplates his life when he finds two creatures. One of the animals is a hyper-intelligent Golden Retriever, the other is beastly. The characters find out the animals were spawned from a lab conducting experiments. Watchers was Dean’s first #1 bestselling novel, and he said he enjoys including dogs in his stories.

Dean has worked closely with Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), an organization training service dogs and providing them to people with disabilities. Trixie worked as a Canine Companion and retired from service after she developed an elbow problem. Dean adopted Trixie, and Trixie helped Dean manage his family’s busy schedule. Dogs have a natural clock for routine, which became useful for Dean. Trixie’s schedule encouraged Dean to end his working days before 7PM, take breaks from writing with dog walks, and see the world through Trixie’s eyes.

Trixie sadly passed away after living a beautiful life with Dean’s family. Since Trixie passed, Dean’s family has adopted more dogs from Canine Companions. Dean’s memoir, A Big Little Life, discusses how greatly dogs can influence humans’ lives, including his. Dean shares that our relationship with dogs can teach us more about ourselves and other relationships in our life. Listeners can read about Dean’s further featured dog characters in his books, including his recent release, Devoted. Trixie “co-authored” several of Dean’s books, and she’s credited on the covers. Adorbs!

James said that throughout his video chat with Dean, his dog, Elsa listened intently the whole time and nudged him to prompt belly rubs!

Happy National Dog Day! Tune in to “Dog Edition” for new episodes.

Listen to ‘Dog Edition’

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