It’s never too late to ‘Follow Your Dream’: hear host/musician Robert Miller’s inspiring interviews with rockstar guests

Music April 26, 2022
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Listen to ‘Follow Your Dream – Music and Much More’

Everyone has a dream, including Robert Miller. But it wasn’t until his 60s that he took action to achieve his lifelong rockstar goals and currently performs in his jazz-rock fusion group, Project Grand Slam. With his podcast, Robert inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to “Follow Your Dream” and take a shot by putting your best foot forward to avoid any regrets later in life.

Robert stopped by a recent episode of Podsauce to share he has a blast interviewing incredible guests and loves asking them about their childhood dreams. By asking unique questions, Robert wants to highlight different aspects of their personalities not typically captured in interviews.

Since 2021, Robert has released over 80 episodes, and he has even interviewed some of his heroes including Ted Nugent of Motor City Madman, Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner, and Felix Cavaliere from the Young Rascals. In other episodes, hear from artists and other creatives for in-depth chats that run an hour on average.

For a super-fun listen, Podsauce host Dax recommends the podcast episode with Patrick Myers, the lead singer of a Queen tribute band.

Robert told Podsauce his dream guest lineup would include legends like Paul McCartney and Billy Joel.

A recurring “Follow Your Dream” segment asks guests to list their favorite songs. Robert is pleased when musicians sometimes break out guitars and other instruments for impromptu performances mid-interview.

Robert incorporates his original music in the podcast’s intros and outros and will sometimes focus on his music for an entire episode. The selected music ties to the guest or topics discussed each episode. Occasionally, he’ll bring a more serious tone to episodes. For example, he wrote an anti-gun song, “Tree of Life,” in response to a mass-shooting and unpacked the meaning in an episode.

With listeners in over 190 countries, Robert is thrilled when fans reach out to share how his personal story and podcast have inspired them to take action in their own lives. It’s a great listen for music fans and a fantastic reminder that it’s never too late to strive toward goals on your life’s journey.

Listen to ‘Follow Your Dream – Music and Much More’

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