‘It’s Probably (Not) Aliens!’ is explaining all of the things you thought could be a sign of ancient aliens on Earth

Science December 12, 2021
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What’s probably (not) aliens, you ask? Well, the Pyramids, the Nazca Lines, the Moai Statues, etc. And here to destroy the conspiracies perpetuated by the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens comes “It’s Probably (Not) Aliens!” hosted by historian Tristan Johnson and not-historian Scott Niswander. They are digging through the archives of ancient civilizations to find out the fascinating histories behind their architectural feats while debunking the myth of “ancient astronauts.”

This new independent podcast has just pushed past 10 episodes, and the highly researched content by Johnson and humorous quips from Niswander are well worth the listen. Episodes average out at approximately 50 minutes each and can be listened to in any order, although the prime listening experience would be starting from the top.

While their first two episodes cover the Fermi Paradox, which is the contradiction of little evidence of extraterrestrial life juxtaposed with the high improbability of humans being alone in the universe (and where aliens may be), they jump right into some of the wonders of the world. They discuss the massive geoglyphs in Peru, the Nazca Lines, and the myth of the flying Vimanas, which alien theorists think were ancient airports and planes respectively. But “It’s Probably (Not) Aliens” has a far more plausible explanation.

They look into the Mayan King Pakal, whose sarcophagus has been carved with strange artwork that appears as if he’s blasting off into space on a spaceship. There’s a much more grounded explanation besides visiting aliens that would explain this. And the Pyramids! A classic! They definitely weren’t built by aliens, and a recent discovery has even proved that they were easier to create than we thought. With all of that sandstone and the simple machines (ramps, pulleys, etc.) they used, building them in 27 years is truly not far-fetched.

So, if you can’t tell by now, Johnson and Niswander are fed up with the peddling of the “ancient astronaut theory.” Not only does it discredit civilizations’ advancements, but it’s also pretty racist, saying that if Europeans couldn’t create these architectural feats, how could ancient South American, African, Central American, and Pacific Island civilizations do it?

If you’re even slightly intrigued by the creation of humanity’s greatest architecture, then look no further than “It’s Probably (Not) Aliens.” Johnson and Niswander are a charming duo who make us learn more than we truthfully thought we would. While they ask for only four star reviews on their show, we’ll have to give them five.

Listen to ‘It’s Probably (not) Aliens!’

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